The Blogger Recognition Award 2019

Renee from ❤Heart Tokens❤ has nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you so much Renee for thinking of me. Friends, if you do not follow her please check out her blog. She has tackled the Alphabet Post Challenge superbly! I love her photos as she shares moments of her life us. She has… Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award 2019

Six Year Anniversary

Well, it's official! I don't even know how to explain this journey! But, I will try... What started off as speaking the truth about porn and spiritual leadership has turned into giving you something to Stu over with every day struggles. For the first four years, I'll be honest, I almost quit several times. Numbers… Continue reading Six Year Anniversary

Numbers Lie

My dear sister Tosin from Alethea's Mind and I were sort of discussing numbers a while back in the comment thread on one of her posts about social media. In this post she was talking about how some people will post something on Facebook and then go check it like every fifteen minutes or so… Continue reading Numbers Lie