Nurturing Your Daughter Into Womanhood

I look at my daughter and I am amazed at the young women she is turning into. She is beautiful, talented and has a heart of gold. And yet, there are several occasions where I have to catch myself. You want to know why? I'm scared. What father wouldn't be scared in this day and… Continue reading Nurturing Your Daughter Into Womanhood

The Blogger Recognition Award 2019

Renee from ❤Heart Tokens❤ has nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you so much Renee for thinking of me. Friends, if you do not follow her please check out her blog. She has tackled the Alphabet Post Challenge superbly! I love her photos as she shares moments of her life us. She has… Continue reading The Blogger Recognition Award 2019

Sunday Music: Sanctus Real | Lead Me This song has always struck a cord on my heartstrings. It's a love song, in my eyes, and yet it is a call out to all men who are married. To LEAD! Being the spiritual leader is not easy. No, not easy at all. It is downright hard. It goes beyond us as men… Continue reading Sunday Music: Sanctus Real | Lead Me

Behind The Blogger Book Tag

Wow! Laura Beth has tagged me for the Behind The Blogger Book Tag. You should really click that link and read hers. I was nice getting to know her better 🙂 Now she gets to learn a little bit more about Stu. Thank you Laura Beth! THE RULES: Thank the person who nominated you Answer… Continue reading Behind The Blogger Book Tag

Anchor Man

Men, this book along with Point Man changed my life...literally. Both pointed out errors in what I thought it meant to be the spiritual leader and a man of God. I highly recommend this and all Steve Farrar's books. Here is an excerpt from Anchor Man... A few weeks ago, I was in the car… Continue reading Anchor Man