The Blogger Recognition Award 2019

Renee from ❤Heart Tokens❤ has nominated me for The Blogger Recognition Award.

Thank you so much Renee for thinking of me. Friends, if you do not follow her please check out her blog. She has tackled the Alphabet Post Challenge superbly! I love her photos as she shares moments of her life us. She has almost completed it doing one to two letters at time. Can’t wait to see what she come up with for XYZ. Her blog site title truly fits as she does give us little tokens of her heart with each post.

What are you waiting for? That was your personal invitation. Go follow her and tell her I said hey.

The Blogger Recognition Award is an online award given by bloggers to other bloggers as a way to recognize the efforts they put into their site.

Award rules:

• Thank the nominator, and publish a post on your blog about receiving the Blogger Recognition Award. Make sure to provide a link to the nominator’s blog in your post.

• Give a brief story of how your blog started.

• Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

• Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award, and inform them of their nomination.

How it all began:

My blogging journey began as a Facebook page called Spiritual Leaders of the Family and then Resurrecting The Redeemed For Porn Addiction where I would share pieces of my story in hopes of helping someone not make the same mistakes I did growing up as a porn watcher/sex addict and then later as a man who didn’t know how to lead his family the right way. It was a friend’s influence that prompted me to start blogging.

I am forever grateful to her for I have met some of the most amazing people in this wonderful community/family called the blogging world. People whom I have never met in person yet mean the world to me. Thanks guys for all your love, support and prayers!

My advice for new bloggers:

Be you! I understand the need for anonimnity, for some, but don’t be afraid to speak what is really on your heart. Be real!

Don’t concentrate on getting numbers. Numbers Lie! Because one day you may get a comment like this…

Stuart, I was in the casino yesterday morning and for some strange reason started to look at Facebook. The first thing I saw was a link to “something to Stu over” so I tapped it and began to read right there at a slot machine. I might add that this was Sunday morning at the time I should of been in church. The blog was about you asking forgiveness from a porn star. As I read thru your blog, a friend of mine leaned over my shoulder to see what I was doing and began reading the blog also. As we read thru the blog we looked at each other about halfway thru and both of us had tears in our eyes. I cannot explain but the presence of God was so all over us it was unbelievable!!! It was so inspiring to read and I want you to know that God is using you because God spoke to me thru your words! Keep up the wonderful work of God. I love you brother!

and then you will understand why numbers really mean nothing, because that one person God wants to read what you have said will. That’s what matters!

Build relationships by actually reading and commenting on other bloggers posts. That is how you gain an real audience. Do the awards and tags. Share yourself so other can get to know you better.

My nominees are:








I Was Once Lost



Please do not feel obligated to participate. Just my little way of saying I appreciate you!

51 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award 2019”

  1. Wow, Stu! I know it wasn’t your purpose to leave me in tears, but wow! Thanks for all you had to say! I needed that today! That was truly amazing about the 2 people in the casino being touched by your words! I am so proud of you! You are making a difference in this world! Never stop being YOU brother! You have a place in this world and your Voice truly matters! And so does all my friends/fellow bloggers/family on here! You deserved this award and all the others I nominated! And a whole lot more did, too! God Bless! Thanks for participating! 😄

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    1. I was in shock and in tears with my hand over my mouth when I got that email from that young man. It was that email actually that kept me blogging as I was contemplating walking away. But that’s when God said I point people to you to hear the words I gave you to say. So, I quit worrying about the “numbers” and being a small fish in a big pond and kept doing what He has called me to do. It’s His pond not mine 🙂

      I have received a few other emails similar to that one. I keep them as a reminder that it’s the lives being touched that matter…because there are those days where I’m like…am I really making a difference.

      And through this journey I have met some amazing brothers and sisters, you included!

      Thank you again for thinking of me to participate. God Bless you too Renee!

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      1. Awe! Thanks!That means a lot, “my brother from another mother!!!” And I can imagine how you felt when you have read those amazing emails from people who needed your posts the most! It truly humbles us! It always flabbergasts me (lol) when God sends us what we need to realize that we are blooming right where God plants us! And I’m here today telling you DON’T you ever quit blogging! Keep doing the work of the Lord! 🤗

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  2. Amazing testimony! It’s overwhelming when something like that happens and we know God is working through us, and even when we’re not aware of it, he’s working in the background.

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  3. PTL! Congrats on your Blogger Recognition Award, Stu! I agree the numbers do not represent a blog. Giving it to God does.
    Thank you for the thoughtfulness. May the Lord richly bless you, brother! He loves you!

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