A Husband’s Secret Weapon (That Shouldn’t Be A Secret)

One of the most powerful weapons a husband has is his praying wife! Who is willing to go before the throne of God daily!!

Women please understand that we men need you to pray for us to make the right decisions, to be men of integrity and seek God first in all decisions. That we will never allow ourselves to be placed in a situation that could lead us astray. That we will be the man God wants us to be and not the man you want us to be…BIG difference. Your prayers should be so strong that we actually feel it, after all when you are praying for your husband you are inadvertently praying for yourself as well since the two become one flesh.

Pray for yourselves as well…that you will be faithful and never falter. That you will never allow yourself to placed in a situation that is unbecoming of a wife. That you will submit to your husband as the leader, for you should be willing to submit as he is seeking God first..remember your prayers for him.

A marriage without prayer support from each other is doomed. Granted the marriage may last but it will not be the type of unity God designed.

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