Thought For The Day

Something has been on my heart today…I have to get this out of my system.

There is a verse in Matthew chapter 6 where Christ is speaking to the multitudes..not just his disciples, that started in chapter 5 and it is called the sermon on the mount. And He covers a whole gamut of topics including the love of money, loving our enemies, how to pray and yes, you guessed it…lust. But that is not the verses I want to concentrate on at moment but yet they are linked.

I want to bring to your attention what Christ says in reference to serving two masters. Now granted He references money because this particular verse is also talking about treasure in heaven and then He goes right into caring about whether you will eat or have clothes. So with that being mentioned let me lay down what God has spoken to me today.

First off guys, if you are married, your wife is a gift from God. You may not think so at times but she is. And just like any gift it is to be treasured. She is to be cared for, protected, nurtured and loved.

Here comes the hard question….

Can you do those while being a slave to porn? I say NO! Caring for someone means you are invested in them and will look out for their best interest. Protecting her is not only a monetary thing where you have a roof over your head, food on the table, clothes to wear and a car to drive. It MEANS protecting her heart from hurts. And you certainly can not nurture your wife while lusting after other women…virtually impossible. And you most definitely can not truly love her….. because you do not treasure her!

Secondly, we are called to love our wives as Christ loved the church. Christ was a servant. How the heck can we be a servant to our wives when are enslaved to the sex machine known as porn? We can’t.

Thirdly, our wives desire us. If they didn’t they would have said no when we asked them to marry us. They want to have sex with you..all of you..not the leftovers from a binge of viewing porn and and saying Oh I’m horny. How can she possibly have “all” of you when part of you is still thinking of the acts you have seen while viewing porn. She can’t. It is NOT fair to her. It hurts her! It scars her! And she does not feel treasured! As a matter of fact, most have said they feel used, abused, lonely, shunned, and unloved.

The only way to treasure your wife is to kick your addiction (your second god) and get right with the real God. The real God can set you free of the chains of your second god (porn) so you can truly enjoy sex the way He unity and a oneness.

If you do not know God or do know of him and have fallen away..please reach out to me or a pastor. I would love to pray for you, your salvation or your walk, and your marriage.

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