You Want Me To Do What?

This is an older post from 2014. It will not be one for everyone...but since I am working on another post in the same vein as this one I figured I would reshare this. This post is after a conversation I had with a friend of mine. Many of the things I say here are… Continue reading You Want Me To Do What?

3-2-1 Quote Chain Letter Tag

Thank you so much for tagging me in this Renee!! I have always enjoyed these tags 🙂 Y'all really should go check out her quotes. They are great! The rules for this “chain-letter” are quite simple: 1. Thank the selector 2. Post two quotations for the dedicated “Topic of the Day” (in this case, “happiness”)… Continue reading 3-2-1 Quote Chain Letter Tag

Child Loss: How To Talk To A Grieving Parent

This post was originally written in 2014. But I want to share it again because it's important! I was pleasantly surprised one day while browsing the internet. I have been praying for a dear friend of mine who had recently lost one of her sons. Shortly after the accident that took her son's life and… Continue reading Child Loss: How To Talk To A Grieving Parent

The Liebster Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

Jacquie has so kindly nominated me for The Liebster Award. Jacquie and her husband have such a passion for the youth of today. They are shining the light of Christ into their lives. Keep it up guys. The youth so desperately need to know of God's love for them! Here are the rules: Thank the… Continue reading The Liebster Award 2019 | 4th Nomination

My Beautiful Amazing Love Part II

A sense of peace washing over me as I said those three words...I Love You! That sense of peace was not just because I said those words. It was because I meant them in a way I never had before. There was no selfish motive behind those words. I wasn't saying those words to get… Continue reading My Beautiful Amazing Love Part II