Friday’s Love Song: Bride | I Miss The Rain

First off let me say that Bride ranks up there with Stryper as one of my top 10 Christian Rock bands.

And I have probably seen them live about 10 times if memory serves me right. Dale like Michael of Stryper has some vocal range. And lyrically they point to Christ.

Snakes in the playground, which this song is from, is like one of my all time favorite albums. The whole album is full of songs that touched me when I needed to be touched and even when I didn’t want to be.

Kinetic Faith is me high on the list as well.

And this song just moves me every time without fail. And I’m not why to be honest.

So why is it part of Friday’s Love Song series?

Because that is what the song is about. We will eventually lose those we love. Some are called to soon and others live over 100 years.

We reflect back in love to a moment, a memory, a scent with love and a yearning for them.

And through it all God, in His love, right there beside you helping you through the pain and hurt!

I balled my eyes out when my pawpaw passed. I did the same thing when I Angie & I called off our relationship so we could concentrate on being parents. But God….yeah that’s why this song gets me Everytime….

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