Code Purple: Health Smealth

Here is the devotional:

Today’s CODE PURPLE is talking about your health.

I started taking Karate at age 5 during the Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris early years. My Dojo wasn’t a belt farm that had 37 levels and just moved you up so you would keep paying. I had an old school Sensei from Japan, and it took me 5 years to earn my Black Belt. I made it to 3rd Degree Black Belt, and I’m registered with the Police in Louisiana and Japan.

I’ve played soccer, racketball, football, baseball, basketball. I’ve had Gym memberships off and on throughout the years, and after saying all of that, I found out a pretty important thing – I’m not a fan of working out.

I liked my 13 years in the Martial Arts, I enjoy playing sports and even like the rowing machine at the Gym. But I suffer from Kidney Stones (15 and counting), and I have them when I become dehydrated. My metabolism is non-existent, and I think it may actually run backwards at times. So being a desk jockey most of my life, it’s been a love-hate relationship with working out.

My wife, on the other hand, has always enjoyed working out. In fact, she’s in the other room at this very moment doing a workout routine. It comes so naturally to her to stay active.

But the older I get (50), I know that I must continue with the struggle to stay healthy. So, back to the gym, I go for not just my health but for the people in my life that I love. I’ll do them no favors just letting my health fade as I get older if I can invest now.

The other half of my health story is that I’M A FOODIE. I was born and raised in New Orleans for 40 years, and I appreciate good food. I don’t need to eat a ton, but I do enjoy food from all over the world, and so I need to moderate that intake with healthy habits.

My wife has always trying to find healthy food for us to slip into our meals. It’s been a mixed bag as some were really good and then there was the Veggie Burger Incident. But I want to encourage you and ask you to pray for me as we both try to keep our health in mind. Our scripture says we need to present ourselves as a “Living Sacrifice, Holy and acceptable to God…”.

Uncommen Questions:

Do you exercise on a regular basis? If not…why not?

Would you exercise if a couple of your friends did this with you?

Would you exercise if it was a sport instead of the Gym?

Uncommen Challenge:

My challenge to you is to find what works for you and try to get into a groove. I know, I know….try it again and if needed…again. Ask a buddy to workout with you or find an activity that will at least get you off the couch several times a week.

Here are the scriptures referenced:

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.
Romans 12:1 KJV

Here are Stu’s thoughts:

Ah man he said veggie burger 🤢🤮

Now this one I probably should have brought a guest blogger in.

I don’t go to a gym to workout I do that at work.

I’m really not a healthy eater either

I mean come on my ideal meal is a greasy burger with bacon, cheese and two eggs on top with blue cheese added to the mix. And desert is anything CHOCOLATE preferably cake with holes punched into it so the icing soaks into the cake with coffee to drink.

But hey that’s me.

I also did a lot of sports growing up. Football gave me broken collar bone. Pitching I threw my arm out. My elbow has never really been the same. Basketball was where it was at though 😊

Then the real world and work hit and well sports disappeared though I still played basketball at the church at times.

Me, I have been 135 lbs as long as I can remember and that goes back a ways. I have always been able to eat like a horse and never gain weight. Still can’t gain wait and most men my age do.

So to be honest I’ve never really thought about working out because of my body type. But I know it wouldn’t hurt.

Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we should treat it as such.

That mean we should take care of our bodies which includes medical checkups. Take the right type of vitamins as many of the foods we eat are really not good for us on a cellular level. Goli vitamins are awesome. I’m still taking them…

Yeah, I should have had a guest blogger like maybe Kathy, Laura or Diane to do this one. They are more into the health aspect than I.

I really got nothing as you can tell…sorry😢

3 thoughts on “Code Purple: Health Smealth”

  1. EAT REAL FOOD! 😁 I tell ya, the processed junk that is American food is killing us. Yes, enjoy treats in moderation.
    I have a brother and a husband with your body type. But, we are older than you are; I leave you a warning: IT DOESN’T STAY THAT WAY. God calls us to be good stewards of His gifts. Health is a gift. Take good care of it. Just as with any sin, we cannot imagine the regret in the future of our present choices. I get that eating / exercising may not seem to fall into the ‘sin’ arena. But it does. If we are commanded to do or not do something, and we disobey, we suffer the consequences.
    Gee, that all sounds dire. Well, it can be. Have fun within God’s confines, and your joy will abound.

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  2. That meal sounds good Stu!

    Enjoy that body. I was like that growing up and even after having children. I never understood why people had a hard time losing weight. It just fell off of me no matter what I ate.

    One day, the weight just started coming on and I miss being able to eat anything I want. 😭 I totally get the struggle now. 😁

    But yes, our health is important. I gotta do a better job with mine.

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