Stu’s World LX

This week has been a struggle for me emotionally but allow me to share a quick story that starts with my dear sister Charity that turns the tide... Friday, Charity sent me a message on Instagram around 4pm. I didn't see it tell later that night but it was this amazing song. Here is what… Continue reading Stu’s World LX

Tim McGraw | Don’t Take The Girl When you love someone...some news is hard to handle😭 Prayers for strength please! That's all I can say at moment.

Father Please!

Father, You know my love for her! You know that she holds my heart and my heart breaks with sadness that it is not your will that we be together at this moment. So much is going on in both of our lives right now. Her health issues and my financial struggles just would not… Continue reading Father Please!

Sunday Music: David Barnes | God Gave Me You Ok, I heard this one this morning thanks to Speak Through Music and I balled like a child... You see the love of my life called last night. She said she needed to just hear my voice. She has been weighted down with medical issues, mom's recovery from surgery, new restrictions on foods, new… Continue reading Sunday Music: David Barnes | God Gave Me You

Stu’s World XXXI

This has been a cool week. Every morning Big Dee has been reading Proverbs out loud while we are huddled around our forklifts trying to stay warm from the exhaust. And I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing his smile as he reads to those who will listen🙂 Monday was a little rough as we had tornados… Continue reading Stu’s World XXXI