Stu’s World CVII

Stu's World

This week has been touch but with so many blessings. Sam's funeral was Thursday. Now remember I just got the call Sunday that she had passed away. So Monday rolls around and I call Joey to find out when the funeral will be held so I can plan. He tells me Thursday and I freak… Continue reading Stu’s World CVII

Wednesday’s Life Song: WASP | Miss You I was thinking about this song just the other day. And then a gentleman commented how he lost his wife in a car wreck. His comment touched me more than most of the others. This is life. We all miss someone dear to us whether it be a lost loved one or the loss… Continue reading Wednesday’s Life Song: WASP | Miss You

Anchored Through Deep Waters: Broken

Here is the devotional: How many times have we heard the concept of being broken is the perfect position for a miracle? I hate to burst your bubble, but that is not totally true. Now, being broken can be an avenue for a miracle, but I believe the position for the miracle is in surrender.… Continue reading Anchored Through Deep Waters: Broken

Friday’s Love Song: Bride | I Miss The Rain First off let me say that Bride ranks up there with Stryper as one of my top 10 Christian Rock bands. And I have probably seen them live about 10 times if memory serves me right. Dale like Michael of Stryper has some vocal range. And lyrically they point to Christ. Snakes in the… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Bride | I Miss The Rain

Sunday Music: NF | How Could You Leave Us? I went down a rabbit hole last night til 3am. I just couldn't stop. Have you ever watched those reaction videos? You know the ones where someone listens to a song for the first and you get to see and hear their reactions. Well that was me last night. Couldn't sleep to save my… Continue reading Sunday Music: NF | How Could You Leave Us?