Reblog: Tell The Story Challenge II | Inferno

You may remember my recent two posts on John’s Tell The Story Challenge where I asked if I could write a story based on two of the photos he chose to present. If you haven’t read them you can before or after reading this one 🙂

Tell The Story Challenge II

Tell The Story Challenge II

I really like doing these for some reason and I guess until someone actually tags me…lol…I’m just going to keep randomly dropping by and if one of your photos hit me I will write about it. Sound ok?

And I may do two of Purple Rose’s photos like I did John’s. Not 100% sure yet.

But anyway I tagged Purple Rose on my first Tell The Story and she picked the photo I knew she would. And she did an amazing job with her Tell The Story Challenge. Don’t let her fool you. This woman is passionate about whatever she writes and it shows! Great job sis! Also thanks for the kind words about my blog ❤ You rock👊

This is one of her photos I chose. And well…I just had to…I mean come on..

Here I am again God!

Why can’t I change?

I’m tired of being consumed by this inferno I created!

It’s burning things into my mind I can’t shake.

How can I stop the searing pain that ravages my mind so much it affects my body as well?

What started as a flicker is now a raging inferno of images much worse than when it began…

How can an innocent look at people having sex in a video become so vial, degrading and disgusting?

The spark lit more than I ever imagined!

I’m disgusted with myself but I can’t tear myself away!

It’s like a real fire where I can sit for hours and watch the flames dance!

Why God? WHY???

Oh, my child…

You know I never designed sex to be this way!

Yes, I created sex for your pleasure to bring you and the person you love together in a bond that ties your souls together not only in the physical and mental sense but also in a spiritual sense.

That is what I intended but the devil has twisted, once again, one of my creations as a means of destruction.

I never meant for you to watch others have sex nor did I EVER intend for it to warp your brain in this manner.

When I created sex between a man and a woman, I did it so that your minds, once released of certain chemicals that I lovingly placed there, would crave more moments with each other. To build upon your relationship with each other as you continually move to higher levels of love and pleasure.

I know you can’t stand what you are watching much less the visions in your head because of things you have seen and done.

I know your heart!

I know you want to be free of this inferno.

But, in order to do so you must step into my consuming fire and allow me to burn off the imperfections that have inflicted your mind and heart.

But God, how can your fire overpower the inferno raging within?

Because my fire is an all consuming fire. One that will, as I work within you, smother the inferno.

I will burn my name into your heart!

I will burn away the lustful desires in your mind and body and replace them with Integrity!

I will burn the thoughts of past sins from your mind and you will rise from those ashes as a new man!

God, if stepping into your consuming fire means freedom from my cursed inferno then….

All consuming fire BURN!!!

10 thoughts on “Reblog: Tell The Story Challenge II | Inferno”

  1. Great job, Stu! 🤚🏼 I pray I never lose the desire to plunge into that “all consuming” fire daily. May every impurity be burned away in HIS love and forgiveness for us all. Merry Christmas brother.

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