Why, Men…Why?

I’m honestly not sure what hurts my heart the most, getting letters from hurting wives or hearing from a young adult that they have a porn problem. Just this morning I opened my Facebook page to see a comment from a woman whose husband has a sex/porn addiction. My heart just sank I tell you!… Continue reading Why, Men…Why?

Stu’s World XVIII

Man, I've been doing so good at work with not getting hurt and then last night while putting up the towels I hit my head on the cabinet door. Well, it bled through the band-aid so now there is blood on my pillow case. And today at work it started bleeding again...joy. I can't share… Continue reading Stu’s World XVIII

Mirror Series Part II

Oh my gosh! The memories this old shed holds. I remember those days as well. Is that why I am seeing a reflection of my younger self? Yes, it is time to...well...reflect. Reflect on what? My childhood or just the things I did in this shed? Both... Ok? Where should I start? How about we… Continue reading Mirror Series Part II

Mirror Series Part I

Mirror, mirror what must I do to be like the women my husband "secretly" watches? What do mean by "secretly" watches? Wait! Why are your fingernails polished? And why are you putting lip gloss over your lipstick? You've never done these things before. That's just it. I feel as if I don't do these things… Continue reading Mirror Series Part I

Strategies for Walking Away from Sexual Immorality

Freedom from sexual immorality is possible. Here are some good pointers to start with.


Image result for sexual addiction disorderThere are those who would say I am the last person who should write anything about sexual immorality.  I, like many men before me, have struggled to keep my thoughts and actions pure.  In recent years I have made improvements in the area of sexual purity, and I don’t think it is just because of a decreased libido.  In all the years I have been married to my wife, I have been faithful to her – in the literal sense.  In my mind, I have become more faithful to her.  I have lost much of the lust that would have captured my thoughts early in our marriage.

There is a different mind-set I have now.  When I consciously think about the area of sexual immorality, I acknowledge the following six truths.  At the same time there are three actions I consider taking.

  • Acknowledge what sexual immorality delivers

Sex is attractive…

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