Jay Dee From Uncovering Intimacy Talks About Sex From The Pulpit

For those that do not know, I am a member of the Christian Marriage Blogger Association and though I do not really write about marriage per se, I believe in God’s design for marriage. You will find marriage interwoven into many of posts over the years. And if you have not figured out that I believe sex can be an amazing and enjoyable act that bonds two people together then you have missed a post or two.

This post is a podcast of a sermon done by a friend of mine, who is also a member of the CMBA. His name is none other than Jay Dee from Uncovering Intimacy. Not only is this a podcast of his sermon but he put his sermon notes for us to read. I suggest doing both listening and reading. Heck subscribe to his podcasts.

Jay does what I have been daring pastors to do for years…talk openly about sex from the pulpit. I know right đź‘Źđź‘Ź

What Jay has done is hopefully opened the lines of communication within marriages, within families and within his church to openly and honestly talk about sex.

We have to talk about sex folks.

Our children are seeking answers and they are finding them. But they are finding their answer in friends, their own curiosity and from porn. None of which are good areas to find answers.

Marriages suffer as some still believe that sex is dirty or not to be enjoyed. That is NOT scriptural!

Marriages are crumbling because of the false ideals porn is giving our young men and women before the marriage bed even becomes a thought in their head.

Now it is time to leave my site and go to Jay’s and check out his awesome sermon entitled Sex: An Uncomfortable Topic We Need To Discuss. A sermon that I found to be truly amazing. One done with dignity and taste, knowing preteens and teens would be in attendance.

Kuddos Jay Dee!

Love ya bro!

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