R.I.P. Jeff Fenholt

Jeff Fenholt has been called to Glory. What a glorious choir he is joining 🙂

Many may know of Jeff from his stint as Jesus in the Broadway musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Some may know of Jeff from his days as a rock star singer for bands like Driver, Joshua and even his stint as the lead singer for Black Sabbath, though that album was never released.

Some rockers will remember him from the party days of partying with The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, and many others.

Some may remember his backstage activity of drugs, alcohol and sex.

I knew Jeff as a brother in Christ. A man whose past was similar to mine… molested, alcohol consumption, using people for my own pleasure and being in a band. Yeah, Stu played a little quitar in high school. Our bands name was Crossfire.

But Jeff found God or rather God found Jeff and his life totally changed. His desire for alcohol went bye bye the moment he got off his knees! His desire for drugs…poof. The hole in heart was filled by the most powerful substance ever…the living Holy Spirit of God!

Jeff was cool. I had the honor of meeting him after one of his shows in Baton Rouge. So humble and you literally could feel the presence of God when you stood by him.

He shared parts of his story on every stage he stood on in one form or another. A man whose passion was for the Lord.

A man who helped the Lord reach several heavy metal artist find God…like Dave Mustain of Megadeth.

He had a calling and he walked that calling! You will be missed brother but we will see each other again!

Here is Jeff singing vocals for the band Joshua with my brother and friend Joshua Perahia!

Here is one of Jeff’s solo worship songs…

Here is Jeff’s testimony…

*The cover photo is credited to Daily Mail from the UK

6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Jeff Fenholt”

  1. Some may feel that their life is comparatively boring… That they do not have an amazing testimony. They were saved as a small child and never experienced what Jeff Fenholt experienced. To have never experienced what Jeff Fenholt did before Jesus found him… is an amazing testimony to our Savior Jesus. I wish I had found Jesus when I was young. God can use us all.

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    1. That’s true James. Many do feel as if their lives are “boring” But many of those who actually Christ early in life lose their way either in high school or college and return to the Lord with powerful testimonies like Jeff’s. Then there are those who stay on course and still battle daily to not give in to the devils lure of alcohol, porn and sex. Some even deal with depression and anxiety. And then yes, there are those who have never experienced the bad stuff that the Lord has blessed with a good life.

      God uses all of our stories to offer hope for those who do not know Him!

      God bless brother!

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