Life Is Like A Box Of Lego Pieces

This is a post from two years ago. I was reminded of this last night as I was pondering how all the pieces of my life fit together.

I took Brandon to a Lego Challenge event yesterday. In this event he had to build different size bridges that would be able to withstand a certain amount of weight.

So we woke up really early and headed to Shreveport. On the way he told me that he was nervous about doing this. I asked why and his response was that there will be people there he didn’t know and he was afraid that he would not be able to build a strong enough bridge.

I compared this event to his Taekwondo tournaments. I explained that this event was no different from going to a tournament and getting out there in front of all those people and doing his form, sparring and breaking boards. And that even though he does his best at everything someone is better and someone is not as good as he is. That’s why there are gold, silver and bronze medals.

He goes I will do my best daddy. I said I know you will and smiled. He smiled back back…I knew he was good to go then.

Once we arrived at the event he was rearing to go. They explained that there would be four stages with the first stage being a seven-inch bridge that could hold the weight of at least ninety pennies.

He dives into the box of Lego pieces and commences building his first bridge. He nails the ninety penny weight so they continued adding pennies until his bridge collapsed. It held the weight of one hundred and twenty pennies. He was stoked.


As he was building his foot long bridge, which was stage two, he starts helping some of the other kids build their bridges. So cool watching him do this and offering advice on which Lego pieces to use to add more structure to their bridge.

He nails the foot long bridge stage with the weight of two hundred and fifty pennies. His bridge, and the little girl he helped, didn’t even bow under the weight.

The last two stages were the most challenging as the bridge had to increase in length to one and a half feet and then two feet. Brandon gets the bridge built and before he places it across the gap in the tables he sees it bowing really bad on the right side. He grabs two Lego pieces and then smiles.

He places it across the gap. It holds up to the required weight.

He looks at me and goes I don’t think I can do the next stage. It’s too long and there are not many pieces left. I’m like, yes you can, just use your imagination. I’m here if you need help.

He only asked for my help twice. Once to pull apart two Lego pieces that he could not take apart. And then to help with the measurement.


He looks at all the pieces in the different boxes, grabs a few out of each box and starts going to town. He keeps measuring and building for about fifteen minutes and goes ok I think I’m ready.

He puts it across the gap. He asks if he can put the pennies on there this time. They say yes.

Brandon does it differently than the event leader did. Instead of placing them in the center he spreads the pennies out like they were cars. Cool idea.

Sadly, his bridge broke at the one hundred and seventy penny mark. He was a little upset but still smiling. He just looked at me and said “Daddy, I didn’t make it strong enough.”

I said “Don’t worry about that son. Look at what you accomplished. You made it to the fourth round by building something bigger than you ever have before. I am very proud of you. You did awesome.”

Brandon ended up in second place. His prize was a Captain America bobble head. Totally cool.

He had so much fun that no sooner did we get in the car he asked when the next one was. 🙂

I guess you are probably wondering why in the world am I sharing just a random story in the life of me and my son.

Well, when it comes to days with my kids, I have come to realize that everything has a reference to God and my journey…and even other people’s journeys. You can read about a couple of those references HERE and HERE.

This day just reminded me of how God has helped me mend or completely restore broken bridges that collapsed due to one thing or another in my life.

It is kind of like building a Lego bridge. Heck, life is like a box of Lego pieces with different parts and pieces fitting together.


You have to start small and continue building until the bridge is structurally strong, with open and honest communication, forgiveness and a whole lot of prayer. Sort of like the bridge my dad and I are working on. Little blocks first…

5 thoughts on “Life Is Like A Box Of Lego Pieces”

  1. Stuart, thank you so much for sharing this encouraging moment in time with Brandon. What a privilege to be used of God to be a relational bridge builder. Isn’t our Father amazing? Only He can help us rewrite the past with a future that “goes above and beyond what we can ever ask or think.” God bless you and your family ♥

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