20 Most Common Marriage Problems With 20 Solutions

I enjoyed reading this article from one of my fellow Christian Marriage Bloggers. Go check it out. Are there other common marriage problems that you can think of? 20 Most Common Marriage Problems with 20 Solutions for Married Couples

My Post Picks For November 2019

Many of you know how deeply I care for Angie and what she means to me. Also many of you know that despite my singlehood I deeply believe in marriage and what it stands for. That is why I am starting off this month's post picks with Julie's post When Your Marriage Gets Quiet of… Continue reading My Post Picks For November 2019

Holy Cow! There Are 500 People Following My Blog

Oh my gosh! Now this is one thing I never imagined to happen....500 followers. Especially considering up until a year ago I had less than two hundred followers. Then I wrote a post about how men need to get away from a porn scene mentality in regards to sex and boom. The next day I… Continue reading Holy Cow! There Are 500 People Following My Blog

Numbers Lie

My dear sister Tosin from Alethea's Mind and I were sort of discussing numbers a while back in the comment thread on one of her posts about social media. In this post she was talking about how some people will post something on Facebook and then go check it like every fifteen minutes or so… Continue reading Numbers Lie

Jay Dee From Uncovering Intimacy Talks About Sex From The Pulpit

For those that do not know, I am a member of the Christian Marriage Blogger Association and though I do not really write about marriage per se, I believe in God's design for marriage. You will find marriage interwoven into many of posts over the years. And if you have not figured out that I… Continue reading Jay Dee From Uncovering Intimacy Talks About Sex From The Pulpit