Just A Random Marriage Thought

I have posted several times over the years that our spouse is not our enemy but rather the devil is. And this is true! Because he hates God and the covenant of marriage.

What we need to come to realize is that, other than God, our spouse should be our greatest ally. We should be able to be honest with them about what has happened in our past that affects our life and marriage today. Other than God they are who we should go to as we struggle with anything.

Honestly, most of us spend more time with our spouses than any other person on the planet. And with that being said there is a very powerful bond there. A bond that says I love you, I care for you, I adore you, I will help you, I will pray for you, I will stand by you and I will be on guard for you.

Let’s utilize that bond and consider our spouse as our companion..our ally in battle. And together attack the thing that is attacking you!

13 thoughts on “Just A Random Marriage Thought”

  1. At the first marriage that my (soon-to-be) husband and I attended, that was a major point. We were all to look at each other, eye-to-eye, and say, “You are not my enemy.” It’s been a good reminder ever since.

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  2. In agreement with you here Stu……satan hates all relationships and wants to create strife so yes let’s attack the evil one who is doing this in each situation. When my husband and I start getting a little testy I do go and pray over our doors in our house and tell satan to leave, in JESUS name. I am always amazed at the peace that remains……hope you are well in all things Brother in Christ!

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  3. Indeed! The strands, meant for our hearts to be tethered… forever. The bond, never meant to be broken. Sharing and caring, one for another! Not, just a random thought my brother! Blessings!


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