The Bible That Was Given Away Has Now Been Returned

Twenty five years ago, I let a coworker have my Student Bible. She was going through a rough spot in life.

Well the other day I get a message on Messenger from her. She asked if I worked at First Guaranty Bank in Hammond. The name rang a bell but it wasn’t until she mentioned our boss at the time that it really clicked.

We chatted for a long time. She is now happily married to a Godly man. They go to church and pray together holding hands. Hearing this made my heart so happy.

During the conversation she reminded me that I let her have my Bible. I said yes it’s your now. She said no it is yours. That Bible was given to you by someone on purpose and you should have it back😮

So today it came back to me. I opened it up and here is what I found…a forgotten letter I wrote God 29 years ago…

For those that can not read my handwriting…this is what it says..


I want to see the future, but because of my past I can’t even live in the present. My past is so bombarded in my mind by demons trying to keep me down, it’s working. Depression comes to me like a flood. It is was not for Laura Parker I would go bonkers.

My life lies in shambles but I can’t even pick up a feather out of the pillow on the floor. The only one who can pick up everything is You. But I have to give you the go ahead. For some reason I can’t give my life away.



Wow! I had so forgotten about that.  What’s sad is I have forgotten about Laura Parker as well. In my life a reason and for a season.

I am so glad this Bible was able to give Rochelle comfort during her time of need.

I am also glad to have it back. I always write in my Bibles and this one was/is no exception. And I usually wrote the date following the note. The earliest one I have found so far was back in 1990…4 years out of high school. And it is in 1 Corinthians chapter 7. And yeah it’s where Paul is addressing sexual sin. See…I have had this struggle forever.

What started at age 12 was still there 8 years later. And stayed for most of my adult life

But back to the letter. The feather was in reference to how tired I was spiritually and emotionally. Always fighting and always giving in to temptation. A constant roller coaster and I was at my wits end apparently.

I wanted to give God control but at the same time I wanted to hold onto things. Sound familiar?

I finally gave God control. And what a difference He made. It took a long time before I would do it though…sadly.

But I took some things back. My old man drug the lake again. I’ve got to kill that old man to ensure the new man can thrive.

Anyway, I just felt like sharing this with you all. Have a great evening😊

15 thoughts on “The Bible That Was Given Away Has Now Been Returned”

  1. Wow! I know that Bible is special! I also have written things in my Bible through the years. Notes. Dates. Promises. I loved to look in my dad’s Bible and see his favorite scriptures underlined and notes he had jotted down. I guess I got that from him. Maybe you can pass tour bibles down to your kids someday. Thanks for sharing with us!

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    1. I am sure I will pass them down…if they want them. They have their own with their names engraved on them. I gave them those several years back. Maybe as a keepsake😊

      Yeah, writing in your Bible and then going back allows to reflect on your journey. I have things written down in the margin of my King James Bible from high school!

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  2. Well — wow! What a cool blast from the past! How kind and considerate for Rochelle to track you down and make sure you got that Bible back! And you got it back with a blessing!
    Ah, surrender. What a scary wonderful word. So hard to do, so glorious when we do.
    I’m glad you shared this miracle with us. What a blessing!

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    1. I agree with the wow. And how timely God was with Rochelle reaching out.

      Surrender is most definitely a scary and hard thing to do. And you are so correct…when we do…glorious. Perfect word for it😊

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  3. Glory to God it was meant to be returned.💯❤️ Awesome blessing! 🙌I had a friend who lost all he had when his home burned down. He cried only over the loss of his bible, afterwards shifting through the ashes , a large pile of ash was flipped over and underneath laid a treasure. His pictures of his youth and family, journaling notebooks, and on the bottom of the pile totally unscathed, was his treasured bible. Completely intact. 🙌 God works in mysterious ways!👼

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  4. That’s super awesome!!! I also write my Bible! It’s really amazing to go to a Bible verse after years of not looking at that particular area and I see how that verse was so needed at that time. Writing in the corner, little prayers or comments. I think it important so we can see and be reminded how God has been with us the whole time.

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  5. This is beautiful Stuart. 😭

    And hey, if you ever give some of your Bibles away and your kids decide for some reason they do not want them, you have a friend in AZ that would love to have them. 😉

    Seriously, you have been such a huge blessing in my life and you are always there anytime I have questions about things in the Bible. You also challenge me to read it for myself and not just believe everything I hear preachers saying. You have a unique way of understanding the Bible and I love how you explain things. You always encourage me to seek truth.

    Thank you for always making time and being willing to find answers I cannot. You know your stuff. Your passion for understanding scripture and explaining it amazes me. You are one of the the best “teachers” I’ve ever had.


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