A Parents Greatest Mistake…Is Thinking It Will Never Happen To Me

I just happened to run across this about 30 minutes ago.

Wow! To think that parole officer officer was within 100 ft of Jaycee and didn’t know.

This man was smart with the sound proof shed but to tell a naked child, that you just kidnapped, I took you so you can help me not hurt others is sickening.

My heart broke.

Then she became pregnant as a child and then again with no one to help in the delivery of either child.

They don’t mention if he did anything to the children but Oh God I pray not!

I am so thankful she made it out and was reunited with her mom after 18 years😮 Most don’t make it out. Most are killed, die from the abuse or kill themselves😡

Listen folks. Child abduction for sexual activity is every freaking where!!!! It’s in your state, your town, and maybe just down the street.

Don’t get me started on how porn fuels this…

I’ll just say that IF you do not believe it does…well your stupid and live under a rock!

I will go on record now and say that pedophilia is the top of the totem pole for sin in my eyes. AND a pedophile is a sick twisted (explicitive).  who deserves the death penalty. No prison gangbang…death!

Now I know many of you may say I shouldn’t feel that way because I’m a Christian. And that I should show love towards this person. You’re absolutely right. I should but I can’t!

Any man or woman, for that matter, that sexually rapes anyone…including their spouse is not going to have my sympathy…I just can’t…if they willing do so.

Watch those who interact with your child!!!

It is for this reason that at age 10 I bought both Brandon and Erin a phone.

If they are walking the dog they are on the phone with either me or their mom.

If your child rides the bus be there with them until they are safely on said bus. Heck, drive the car to the street with the child inside and just wait for the bus.

Protect, protect, protect!

6 thoughts on “A Parents Greatest Mistake…Is Thinking It Will Never Happen To Me”

  1. It is important to take safety measures, let the kids know they can talk to you about anything, and most importantly pray for God’s angelic protection. Too often predators threaten the victim and make them stay silent. Sex trafficking is real and prevalent. 🙏

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  2. Stu, your message needs to be heard loud and clear. Times are definitely different today than when I grew up 50-60 years ago, or even my daughters 25-35 years ago. Central Ohio is a targeted area for this darkness.


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