Stu’s World XXXVI

This has been a trying week for me. Work has been great. Still having those Bible discussions between customers and sharing music with one another. It’s actually pretty awesome 😊

But everything else in life is well…life

Brandon’s ankle is so much better. He even participated in his Taekwondo classes Friday. He stayed the whole weekend with me. He and Mickey had fun playing together. We vegged out watching Toy Story 4, Joker and Shazam (which was better than I thought it would be).

He was again disappointed that we couldn’t go to Monroe and eat Sushi. I was too. But it is what it is ☹️

With my water being turned off last week we had to buy some at Walmart to flush. Oh the joys of single adulthood…not…

We got a kennel for Mickey from a friend. So no more having to pick up clothes off the floor when I get home from work or doggie poop.

Angie called to share with me a friend of ours from high school has terminal liver cancer 😭. I can’t give his name for privacy reasons, but please be in prayer for him, his family and our friends. I guess mortality is setting in for us 80 graduates.

All I can say at moment is please continue to be in prayer for Angie. She is having a lot of tests done soon and she is worried about the results after hearing about our friends. I tried to console her the best I could and speak positivity into the situation.

As for Stu…

In my depressed/anger state I lashed out at Brandon over something stupid and immediately had to ask his forgiveness and explain that I was not mad at him at all. But rather I am just mad at the situation I am currently (which does effect him) in and I lashed out without thinking.

That whole slow to anger thing is not easy when one just let’s it build up without sharing with someone. I choose not to share it with Angie as she has enough on her plate as it is so I just keep it inside. Then unfortunately the smallest of thing will blow a fuse and out it comes ☹️

I am trying to stay positive. I need to stay positive because I KNOW that He will get me through this just as He has everything else but dang…how long is this season.

As I listened to the song Charity sent me I reflected a little on that vision I had on one of Kathy’s comments. The lights are still lit. I can see the lights of those who have made this journey before me as I look down the mountain side at those below needed my light as a hope there is a victory waiting. I will press on! I will keep climbing! I will make it to the mountaintop again!

Please continue praying for me…

Speaking of prayer. Please be in prayer for Kristian and Neil as doctors and others search for a living kidney donor.

As for this blog…

I am working on a few posts, Bible studies and the awards I have been nominated for. I’m just asking for patience from you all as I continue to battle my demons and come out on the other side, all the while trying to write and share.

Have a great week everyone!!

8 thoughts on “Stu’s World XXXVI”

  1. I want pics of Mickey! I bet he’s getting big.
    Big lesson I learned last year is that a good parent is a parent who goes back and apologizes when it’s necessary! So kudos there Bro Stu!

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