Sunday Music: Tauren Wells | God’s Not Done With You

Thank you so much Charity for sending this song my way last night.

To have the Lord put someone on your heart while listening to a song is priceless! It’s one of those wow moments…

I needed this. I believe we all do!

God’s NOT done with YOU or me for that matter. He WILL finish what He started!

15 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Tauren Wells | God’s Not Done With You”

  1. Love that song! Awesome song Charity shared! The comments are off on your last post my friend….sorry to be a bearer of bad news…smh🤦‍♀️🙄
    I figured I would just comment here…
    I wanted to tell you that on the way home from church tonight, Angie popped into my mind, so I started praying for her and you…and then I saw your post…It let’s me know that God knows right where you are Stu! Hang in there! The trial is tough but it’s making a mountain climber out of you! You will get to the top of that mountain some day soon! God will come through! Be encouraged my brother! Hard times won’t last forever. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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    1. Is there an emoti for a bald guy trying to pull his hair out🤪 because the no comment thing is ticking me off….
      It is a great song. I shared it at work today too 😊
      Thank you so much. I am deeply touched that the Lord put Angie on your heart. She is stressing bad. We chatted today. I’ll send an email out later this week.

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      1. Will be praying for Angie that these tests will all turn out ok! And for you and what you are going through! Commenting on another post about getting angry with Brandon—you have to let it out and share with those you can trust, especially to pray and lots of times right on the spot with us! I have friends who I know when I unload my junk, their backs probably sag to the ground! But seriously, I find that when I get somewhere and pray in the Spirit with my Jesus and tell Him all about my troubles, He at least calms my heart and gives me peace, even if the situation didn’t change, at all. Music uplifts, too. Much prayers for you and the fam! I pray your water gets turned back on! I wish I could help! Makes me sad…hang in there!

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