Daily Inspiration 2019: Day 38 | Little Eyes Are Watching Men!

My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways. Proverbs 23:26 KJV


I Am Livid!

Brandon won a contest to sing the song This Is Me live on the app Sing with some dude that goes by the name Imalanstokes. He compliments Brandon on his singing. Brandon takes his glasses off half way through the song and this kid starts laughing. Then Brandon starts crying. Brandon has a lazy eye… Continue reading I Am Livid!

Gymnastics Meet And A Meltdown

Oh my gosh! The kids did such an awesome job in their gymnastic meet! But before I get to that, I must share a moment in the life of Stu. A private moment between father and son, but one I feel needs to be shared...because we all have those moments where we feel like a… Continue reading Gymnastics Meet And A Meltdown

Weekend Busyness

I had the privilege of Brandon staying with me the whole weekend 🙂 What a roller coaster this one was. Not only was my check short because of fewer hours due to the holidays but he had all these things he needed to attend. And guess what? He doesn't have any dress shirts that fit.… Continue reading Weekend Busyness

The First Leon And A Random Act Of Kindness

Brandon was in a play this weekend for the Homeschool Association. He was so excited to be in a play without his sister 🙂 So I just had to be there! To say it was interesting would be an understatement. It is a loose representation of Mary and Joseph before the birth of Christ. The… Continue reading The First Leon And A Random Act Of Kindness