Stu’s World XVII

So much has been on my heart this week... So many thoughts about life in general. Some of those thoughts are forthcoming in the form of posts. Some may be hidden in award or tag questions and answers, if I receive any more this year. If not I may do a smorgasbord type of post… Continue reading Stu’s World XVII

Life Is Like A Box Of Lego Pieces

This is a post from two years ago. I was reminded of this last night as I was pondering how all the pieces of my life fit together. I took Brandon to a Lego Challenge event yesterday. In this event he had to build different size bridges that would be able to withstand a certain… Continue reading Life Is Like A Box Of Lego Pieces

Stu’s World XV

Let me start of by saying this week has been so boring at work. It's like all construction crews took the week off and forget to tell anyone. So we have been preparing for inventory...blah!!! But guess what time of the year it is... Now it is time for some Count Chocula! Erin is off… Continue reading Stu’s World XV

Stu’s World XIV

Man, I hope everyone has had a great week! Mine has been sort of...well...blah! I'm still a little down and coughing up a bunch of junk. And then I find out that Angie's leg has become infected 😥 I only had one potential mishap at work this week. One of the guys was handing down… Continue reading Stu’s World XIV

The Barnabas Award 2019 | 2nd Nomination

This is so cool! Steve has given me The Barnabas Award. Thank you so much brother! I am honored and humbled that you see my blog as encouraging and inspiring! Guys please go check out his blog. It is such a breath of fresh air reading his posts. You may lose track of time though… Continue reading The Barnabas Award 2019 | 2nd Nomination