Prayers Please

I just had someone offer me a car. The asking price is 650.00 I just need to take a look at the vehicle and decide what I need to do. All that is wrong with the car is that it idles too high. So I would need to figure out why and possibly which sensor… Continue reading Prayers Please

Stu’s World LIV

Yoo-hoo!!! I got to see Angie this week ♥️ was a video chat but still. She doesn't do video chat that often so I had a big smile on my face. She just looks at me and goes what? I see your wheels turning. I said it's nothing I just get to see your… Continue reading Stu’s World LIV

Stu’s World XLVI

I hope everyone has had a great week. I know most of you may be going bonkers. But this "self" quarantine will be over soon.Did everyone get a chance to hear the President's Easter address? That was totally awesome. I know that is no middle ground when it comes to Trump. You either like him… Continue reading Stu’s World XLVI

Stu’s World XLIII

This week has been nuts. Friday the owner of the company held a meeting with us that gave me more respect for him. He has the same opinion I do on this decade old Coronavirus the world is totally freaking out over. This is what I put on my Facebook page the other day... Here… Continue reading Stu’s World XLIII

Stu’s World XLII

Brandon had a shooting tournament this weekend and did amazing! He was the only one to hit the bullseye out of the sixteen boys who participated! He didn't just hit it once. He nailed it three times. He called so excited saying he may get to go to state 😊 Sadly we will not know… Continue reading Stu’s World XLII