Stu’s World CXI

Stu's World

Hey everyone. Sorry I have been absent in writing. To be honest I'm just not in the mood right now. Things are going wonky at moment. I have so much on my mind it's scary. But I feel I need to share some of it with you all so here goes... I have gotten two… Continue reading Stu’s World CXI

Stu’s World CIX

Stu's World

For those wondering about J he is doing well. He came back to work Thursday. We took it easy on him don't worry. I can not seem to catch a break when it comes to finances. Somehow someone used one of my card to purchase 200 worth of stuff online at 2:20am. so I call… Continue reading Stu’s World CIX

Code Purple: Dollars And Sense

Here is the devotional: You and your bride just got back from your honeymoon, and things are going perfectly. Over coffee in the morning, one of you mention that you’d like to work on your budget together. The other person stops in mid coffee sip and looks at you as if you have a third… Continue reading Code Purple: Dollars And Sense

Stu’s World CI

Stu's World

It's weird how so much can be going on and yet at times you can feel like nothing is really happening. Have you ever felt that way? The big thing this week was that Brandon turned 14😮 Where has the time gone? There are days where I feel that there is no way I have… Continue reading Stu’s World CI

Stu’s World XCIX

Stu's World

Seems like everyone is catching this new strain. We have a few people out at work. They have shut down several schools since the teachers have it. Not the kids...the teachers. Of course you can't have a class if the teacher doesn't show up. Whatever happened to substitute teachers? Brandon may have it again. He… Continue reading Stu’s World XCIX