Stu’s World LXXIII

Brandon chose to stay the weekend with me Saturday. It is "not" my weekend so I was not prepared as far as food and such. Plus this was my weekend to do what little Christmas shopping I could get done. He wanted a Gingerbread house to build. I told him it better not be like… Continue reading Stu’s World LXXIII

Stu’s World LVIII

The past two weeks have been nuts at work! People quitting, not showing up for work and leaving the rest of us to pick up the slack. I unloaded six 18 wheelers last week full of lumber. We then turned right around, broke all bundles down basically into four orders for new houses and a… Continue reading Stu’s World LVIII

Stu’s World LVII

Then one of the other workers did not show up ride to work actually☹️ But I made it to work all week. He did not. He is NOT what one would call a functional alcoholic. Then Wednesday Big D calls me to let me know that had a chemical accident with burn marks on… Continue reading Stu’s World LVII

Stu’s World LVI

Well... We now have 3 guys doing the work of twelve at work. Two more men walked off. I guess they couldn't handle it anymore. This is nuts. Our boss is a great man to work for so I can not understand these guys just walking away after all he has done for them over… Continue reading Stu’s World LVI

Stu’s World LIII

This week...ughhh...the world has gone nuts😠 But that is for a later post. Brandon wanted me to go live on Instagram with what I have to say. I told him that today was not the day. I am still angry and I could say something I would regret doing in a live video. He understood.… Continue reading Stu’s World LIII