Do I Really Believe?

I have always believed in God. Even as a child, before I accepted Christ, I believed because my mom did. As I grew older I would always pray asking for God to heal a friend or help me with a certain situation that was plaguing me. Very seldom were those prayers answered and I never… Continue reading Do I Really Believe?


Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

‚ÄčThere are so many people who suffer from a void in their life. They don't realize what that void is, yet they try filling it with everything but what is needed. Allow me to share my thoughts on the things we try to fill that void with.   Alcohol: Many take their first drink at… Continue reading Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Comforting Others As God Has Comforted Us

I finally have my answer to one of the questions I have been asking God about for years.... Why me? I struggled with porn, so when God called me to create Resurrecting the Redeemed From Porn Addiction as a Facebook ministry I truly had my doubts. I didn't doubt the calling...I just doubted my ability… Continue reading Comforting Others As God Has Comforted Us