Comforting Others As God Has Comforted Us

I finally have my answer to one of the questions I have been asking God about for years….

Why me?

I struggled with porn, so when God called me to create Resurrecting the Redeemed From Porn Addiction as a Facebook ministry, back in 2012, I truly had my doubts. I didn’t doubt the calling…I just doubted my ability to help anyone with their struggle when here I was still trying to figure out how to beat my own personal addiction and lustfulness.

For six years I have read, prayed, found some great accountability partners, and cried…a lot.

It has been a journey for sure.

I have had defeat. I have viewed pornography. Sometimes on purpose but mostly by accident while looking up something like stats or an article to read. I learned to be careful what I typed in for my searches.

I have had victory. I have prayed my way through my temptations. I have called upon my accountability partners at various times in the night to have them talk me through it and to pray for me. Sometimes I have to drop my phone and take a walk outside to get away.

I have had young men come to Christ through my writing, as well as having several men and women thank me for being so open and honest about my struggles.

I knew I was following God’s calling but I truly did not know I have been following scripture this whole time too.


I know I have read these Scriptures before in passing but it just jumped out and hit me on the head the other day. All I could do was bow my head, cry a little and say thank you God.

If God has comforted you during your trials or struggles…please be willing to do the same to anyone who comes to you for assistance. As it could be a divine appointed meeting.

God Bless,

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