Today Marks The 7th Anniversary Of Something To Stu Over 😯

It’s really hard to believe it has been seven years

What a journey this has been! I will admit I truly thought of quitting a few years ago due to lack of response from readers. And I did take time off when Angie and I were dating.

I am thankful I didn’t quit because something happened like six months after Angie and I called off our relationship….my blog changed.

I can’t pinpoint which post or posts it was that started the change but more people started following my blog. I received a lot more likes and comments. Amazing comments have been made which truly enhanced the discussion within the blog post. That’s cool!

And in the last two years I have made some great acquaintances and some amazing friends.

And with those amazing friends a prayer group formed. Totally awesome as most do not realize just how powerful prayer truly is.

What a joy it is to KNOW that someone is taking you to the very throne room of God in prayer!!

Plus had I quit blogging I would have quit reading too. And I would have missed out on the joy and honor of reading your words from the heart. YOUR words have made laugh, feel, cry, pray and have given me thoughts for posts as well.

I have had the honor of proof reading one book for a sex therapist and gave a small review which is included in his book😯

I have become an affiliate for Honoring Intimates which is a Christian-based company, that is dedicated to bringing the fun back to God’s gift of the marriage bed. They do this by offering gorgeous lingerie, men’s shirts and silk boxers, robes and sleepwear, bras and panties, a monthly lingerie subscription, and organic lubricants/lotions/oils through a nudity-free website. They also have a sale page where all lingerie is under $10! They use mannequins as models not women!!

Beautiful lingerie like this…

Christy Orchid Cami Set

I love purple 😍

There are few other businesses that I have become an affiliate of and they are all faith based and believe in marriage!

I never ever would have dreamed that this blog would have close to 50K views period, much less this year alone. I also did not see myself with over 500 followers…yet God has seen to it 😊!

I am floored, humbled and honored!

Thank you ALL so much for sticking with me and for you heartfelt encouragement!

Thank you ALL for your posts and stories that have enriched my walk with the Lord!!

23 thoughts on “Today Marks The 7th Anniversary Of Something To Stu Over 😯”

  1. First off, that purple outfit is gorgeous! 😮 Wow.

    Second, happy anniversary!!! Seven is our favorite number. 😎 I’m glad you didn’t quit, I needed a friend like you in my life. You have no idea. I love you dearly my brother. 💕

    God bless you and your ministry. 🙏 I pray you get the desires of your heart and more.

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  2. Congratulations, Stu, for not quitting and being faithful to God’s call on your life. It is amazing what happens when you follow God’s leading. 7 years of blogging and making a difference.

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    1. Thank you Richard! It has not been easy but God never said it would be.

      Some things are harder to share than others. I think that’s why I’m doing the Mirror series. The man’s side is will be from my personal struggles dealing my issue of porn/sex. I can dig deeper writing from a different perspective than myself….if that makes any sense.

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