Satan’s Lies | God’s Replies: Day 48 Yes, Your Life Can Turn Around

Satan’s Lie:
Works of power: There’s NO WAY my life could get turned around now!

God’s Reply:

And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.
Matthew 13:58 KJV

Man, if I believed that line of crap I would still be self-medicating my loneliness and depression with porn and masturbation.

But I didn’t believe the lie!

I cried out to the ONLY one who COULD turn my life around. God!

And miracles happened. A lot.

Some don’t see overcoming porn as a miracle…but I do!

Some don’t see overcoming the sexual urges as a miracle…but I do!

Many don’t believe the fact that God placed the love of my life into my life as a miracle…but God knows I do!

And I have thanked Him for those miracles everyday for the last seven years.

I could not quit watching porn. As bad as I felt watching it and the guilt afterwards I just couldn’t stop. Trust me I tried year after year. But God stepped in!

God did a mighty work in my life because I did believe!

And do you want to know something else? I believe He can do the same for you and your life!

All you need is a little belief in our mighty God and then watch what He will do in your life. Will it be easy? No!

None of my issues were easy. I had to work for them. I had to fight, pray and fight some more.

Some of them I still fight for even now. But it so worth it. I am walking in freedom.

So, YES, your life can turn around…by turning it over to the one who can and then believe He will!

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