Satan’s Lies | God’s Replies: Day 48 Yes, Your Life Can Turn Around

Satan's Lie: Works of power: There's NO WAY my life could get turned around now! God's Reply: And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief. Matthew 13:58 KJV Man, if I believed that line of crap I would still be self-medicating my loneliness and depression with porn and masturbation. But I… Continue reading Satan’s Lies | God’s Replies: Day 48 Yes, Your Life Can Turn Around

Trying to Change

Everyone wants to change something in their life in one form or another. And trust me, there is probably something in a loved one. The problem is you can't or you would have already changed them into the "perfect" man or woman you want. You can't change if you are trying to change for anyone… Continue reading Trying to Change

Power & Strength

While leading our 12 Step Study last night for Richland Celebrate Recovery several things finally made sense as they came to me while reading the opening scriptures. The first one is the power that resides in us. We have a major power source that we never truly tap into. And the reason is we are… Continue reading Power & Strength