Friday’s Love Song: We Are Messengers | I Don’t Have The Answers This song really hit me hard one day while still grieving over the relationship loss of the love of my lifetime. I usually listened to music throughout that day at work. And well, when this one song came on I sort of lost it. I had to go outside and gather myself. I lost… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: We Are Messengers | I Don’t Have The Answers

March | Marching On Tag

I so love these monthly tags that Purple Rose and Dollfaced Writer have come up with. I am honored that Purple Rose has tagged me to participate! Thank you so much sis! Go check out her tag here. It's cool that they have chosen the theme of Marching On for this month. As most of… Continue reading March | Marching On Tag

For My Best Friend: Honestly I know you are hurting. I'm hurting for you. I am so sorry you are going through this. It breaks my heart knowing I can't be there by your side to help. I know you don't read my blog, but if you ever chose to and see this...I love you! I will always be… Continue reading For My Best Friend: Honestly

A Loss For Words

There comes a time when even I have no words for what is happening. Life is sometimes just a pain in the rear and it makes no sense whatsoever!!! I am asking for prayer for my very best love of a lifetime. That's all I can say...just pray for her please. To those in… Continue reading A Loss For Words

Friday’s Love Song: Randy Travis | Forever And Ever Amen Yeah, one of the guys where I work...well until today...had this song playing on his radio. And I couldn't help but stop and listen. Randy was one of my mom's favorite country singers and I had heard this song many times in the past. But it also brought back memories of my love of… Continue reading Friday’s Love Song: Randy Travis | Forever And Ever Amen