Stu’s World C

Stu's World

Holy cow! I have hit the 100 Stu World mark😮 Well actually a few more than that with a few posts being subtitled with words instead of roman numerals. But this is crazy. When I started Stu's World I figured y'all would get bored with the "weekly" updates on my small little world. But NO!… Continue reading Stu’s World C

Stu’s World XCIX

Stu's World

Seems like everyone is catching this new strain. We have a few people out at work. They have shut down several schools since the teachers have it. Not the kids...the teachers. Of course you can't have a class if the teacher doesn't show up. Whatever happened to substitute teachers? Brandon may have it again. He… Continue reading Stu’s World XCIX

Stu’s World: Bring On 2022

I was asked today if I had a word or a song for the new year. I sort of did and sort of didn't. I know a lot of people make New Year resolutions but falter after a month or so. That's why I don't make resolutions. I'm one of those people who falter... So… Continue reading Stu’s World: Bring On 2022

Stu’s World XCVII

Mam what a crazy week. Last minute Christmas ordering. Work was slow yet crazy at the same time. All while trying to get out of this stupid funk I've been in...ughhh Not only are Charity and I at work on our collaboration but we also got a chance to see Stryper perform their Soldiers Under… Continue reading Stu’s World XCVII

Stu’s World XCVI

During my 4 1/2 days off for Thanksgiving I was planning on writing. I wasn't expecting Brandon to stay with me as he needed to help his mom pack as they are moving into a new house. But Thanksgiving morning he called and asked if he could come over after he ate with the family.… Continue reading Stu’s World XCVI