Parents, Do You Know What Your Child Is Watching?

Well, I got the text message this morning that I do not like getting.

A friend of mine texted and told me that one of her children has been watching porn.

Now, you have to understand that porn today is NOTHING like the porn I grew up watching.

Today’s porn is mostly violence and gangbangs. And by violence I mean several things.

I mean the men hit and slap the women.

I mean these women are being pounded on. Men are pulling out and then slamming as hard as they can back in or they grab her with both hands around her head, so she can’t pull away and just go as fast and hard as they can like a jackhammer.

I mean these women will be in tears and crying and yet the man or men are still going at it. They don’t care about the woman at all. And, sadly neither does the person watching the videos…for the most part.

Do you, dear parent, want your daughter or son to look at something like that and have those images put into their head?

Do you really want your child to think that sex is just so the man can pound away until he gets off and then it’s over?

Do you want your son watching scenes like this and start thinking that this is how you treat a woman in bed?

Do you want your daughter watching scenes like that thinking that this is what sex is?

I completely understand that some women like fast and hard sex. And it is fun. IF done with two people who love each other and do not want to hurt their partner.

But porn is not that way! It is the total opposite!

Parents, do you think I write and share about pornography and my struggle with it just because I want to?

Do you think I share the brutality of porn because I like to?

Hell no I don’t!

I can’t stand it. I have images in my head that I wish NO ONE would ever have to see much less imagine.

Do you not realize how freaking long it took me to get that crap out of head?

Do you realize how many tears I have shed talking about my struggle not only to God but my friends as well?

You don’t see the tears. Only a few select friends have seen me completely lose it while talking about it. Two men and two women. That’s it. And one of them is the mother to the child in reference.

When are parents going to wake up and realize that YES, your child could, can or does look at porn?

Because while your child is at school one simple statement of “Hey, check this video out” can lead them down a dark path.

Are you going to keep believing the lie you keep telling yourself…”Oh, my child wouldn’t do that.”?

When are you going to ask you teenage child the hard questions you do not want the answers to?

Holding hands and kissing are no longer the beginning of teens “dating”. It’s a blowjob before the guy will even consider it. It’s not everywhere mind you…but still. And don’t get me started on the Rainbow Party Sleepovers 😡

When are you as the PARENT going to take your child’s phone or laptop and check out their history?

Yeah, they’ll get ticked off. But would you rather them be mad at you or would you rather ignore things until someone gets pregnant or your daughter comes home in pain and bleeding because her boyfriend wanted to try something he saw while watching porn?

When are going to set the parental locks?

When are going to look at their messages to see if someone sent them the wrong selfie picture? Or that they sent someone one?

We must protect our children to the best of our ability and believing that “our child would never” is not the answer.

Take preemptive measure parents. PLEASE, for the love of God protect your child from the devil’s playground of porn!!!

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29 thoughts on “Parents, Do You Know What Your Child Is Watching?”

      1. Brother, you know as well as I do about pop-ups and ads on those sites. All it takes is an interesting one that invites an unknowing kid to for an “audition”.

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        1. Exactly! And not just kids but adults fall for that one as well.

          Just last week a woman was paid to go to an audition, air fare covered only to realize that to get home…she would have to sell herself for sex. She said no. She was raped and beat 😡

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  1. Keep getting that message out there brother! I know a man that started with adult porn online then found porn with kids and ended up sexually assaulting his young daughter. He ended up in jail. She ended up with emotional scars, but has come through wonderfully with God’s help.

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    1. Oh geez. That is horrible that happened to her. That is not something to overcome and deal with easily.

      I am glad you say she has come through it with God’s help!

      I will keep getting the message out there brother. I have to!


      1. I know you will, it is so necessary these days! As you mentioned, I have heard several parents that said, it’s okay, my kids would never look at porn. They found out later their kids did. They were too afraid to put restrictions on their kids. That girl is now a young woman who is following God! I praise the Lord for that, I spent a lot of time praying for her. I know the family well, that girl was in my Sunday school class. I still kick myself for not noticing sooner. God bless you brother!

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        1. Don’t kick yourself too hard brother. Victims learn to hide everything quickly…because they have to, especially when it’s a family member.

          She was blessed to have you in her corner praying for her!

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  2. Reblogged this on Something to Stu Over and commented:

    In light of the message my son received this morning on Instagram I am resharing this post. Yes, it’s a graphic post but pornography IS graphic. PLUS, I read an article the other day of a 12 year old girl that was sent a message via a “app manager”, on an app that I will not name, that in order for her to remain in active status she must submit a topless photo of herself to prove her age because the app is only for those younger than 18. What the?!?

    Trust me if you do not think this is a wide spread issue I can find story after story for you to read. I don’t want to that though because those stories break my heart. So parents please take my for it…your child is susceptible to look at porn, nude photos or become a victim of a pedophile via a seemingly innocent social media app.


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