Parents, Do You Know What Your Child Is Watching?

In light of the message my son received this morning on Instagram I am resharing this post. Yes, it’s a graphic post but pornography IS graphic. PLUS, I read an article the other day of a 12 year old girl that was sent a message via a “app manager”, on an app that I will not name, that in order for her to remain in active status she must submit a topless photo of herself to prove her age because the app is only for those younger than 18. What the?!?

Trust me if you do not think this is a wide spread issue I can find story after story for you to read. I don’t want to that though because those stories break my heart. So parents please take my for it…your child is susceptible to look at porn, nude photos or become a victim of a pedophile via a seemingly innocent social media app.

Something to Stu Over

Well, I got the text message this morning that I do not like getting.

A friend of mine texted and told me that one of her children has been watching porn.

Now, you have to understand that porn today is NOTHING like the porn I grew up watching.

Today’s porn is mostly violence and gangbangs. And by violence I mean several things.

I mean the men hit and slap the women.

I mean these women are being pounded on. Men are pulling out and then slamming as hard as they can back in or they grab her with both hands around her head, so she can’t pull away and just go as fast and hard as they can like a jackhammer.

I mean these women will be in tears and crying and yet the man or men are still going at it. They don’t care about the woman at all…

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