I Am Livid!

Brandon won a contest to sing the song This Is Me live on the app Sing with some dude that goes by the name Imalanstokes.

He compliments Brandon on his singing. Brandon takes his glasses off half way through the song and this kid starts laughing. Then Brandon starts crying.

Brandon has a lazy eye and is very conscious about it. This really upset him. And it ticked me off!

How can kids be so mean nowadays…geez!

So Brandon agrees to sing with him again at my request. The kid starts to laugh again but right as he starts I stick my head into the frame and his whole demeanor changes immediately. Little brat!

Ok, rant over. Brandon finally went to sleep a little while ago after soothing him and telling him that God created him just the way he is and to be proud of his lazy eye and not ashamed.

Night folks.

13 thoughts on “I Am Livid!”

  1. I’m so sorry. Kids are cruel for the same reason adults are; they’re hurting so they hurt others. He is unique, just as he was made:) That kindness he hopefully sticks with him.

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  2. Wow! That’s awful. Poor Brandon. People can be so mean sometimes. 😔 I have a lazy eye too. When I was a kid, my eye doctor had me wear an eye patch over one eye (I looked like a little pirate). So embarrassing!!! Now, it just kinda wonders when I’m very tired and I don’t really like wearing my glasses.

    Keep your chin up Brandon. 💕 And remember, “The way people treat you is a statement of who they are as a human being. It’s not a statement about you.”

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    1. I was too because of my last name. Maybe that’s why we as parents get so upset when are kids are picked on because it makes us remember the hurt we felt. Knowing we never want our kids to get hurt.

      That’s the first time he has been picked on for his lazy eye. He usually gets picked on just because he wears glasses and his initials…which just happen to be a sandwich. I told him it wasn’t intentional…lol

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  3. I am so sorry you had to suffer how people can be, Brandon. Jesus was picked on and called names too. He had stones thrown at Him, and was laughed at. He cares how much it hurt you. He loves you, Brandon! You were made in God’s image! Everything about God is so beautiful! So are you! ❤
    I only clicked the LIKE button to let you know I read your post, Stu. God cares that it hurt you too as a father to watch your son be ridiculed. He knows the pain of watching others persecute His son. It hurts Him to see it happen to your son as well… and to you! God loves you, Stu!

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