I Am Livid!

Brandon won a contest to sing the song This Is Me live on the app Sing with some dude that goes by the name Imalanstokes. He compliments Brandon on his singing. Brandon takes his glasses off half way through the song and this kid starts laughing. Then Brandon starts crying. Brandon has a lazy eye… Continue reading I Am Livid!

R.I.P Kenny Marks

https://youtu.be/AQ1-ZVrEmm4 Kenny Marks has been called home to Glory! The Party's Over was a song that me and my girlfriend, at the time, would always listen to. We were sexually active at the time and this song really hit us. She is the one I would propose to that I mentioned in the Dear 15… Continue reading R.I.P Kenny Marks

Fear Not For I Will Help You…Even In Your Finances

Man, there can be so many reasons in life to give each of us a sense of failure or giving up because nothing is going right. And to be completely honest, I believe it stems from fear. Fear can rear it's ugly head in any situation. It shows up in our finances, our work place,… Continue reading Fear Not For I Will Help You…Even In Your Finances