A Walk Down Memory Lane

This story showed up in my memories this morning and while looking for photos of her restaurant, which sadly are on my old Windows phone, I ran across some precious photos and memories. So here we go... The story of a little angels prayer request. Remember last night I posted my daughter's pray of... Lord… Continue reading A Walk Down Memory Lane

March | Marching On Tag

I so love these monthly tags that Purple Rose and Dollfaced Writer have come up with. I am honored that Purple Rose has tagged me to participate! Thank you so much sis! Go check out her tag here. It's cool that they have chosen the theme of Marching On for this month. As most of… Continue reading March | Marching On Tag

7 Favorite Things Tag

This looks fun. I saw this on Vickie's blog this morning and was like cool. She chose not to nominate anyone but open to all. So I am going with it 🙂 Go check out Vickie's 7 Favorite Things RULES: 1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you. 2. Link back and thank… Continue reading 7 Favorite Things Tag

I Am Livid!

Brandon won a contest to sing the song This Is Me live on the app Sing with some dude that goes by the name Imalanstokes. He compliments Brandon on his singing. Brandon takes his glasses off half way through the song and this kid starts laughing. Then Brandon starts crying. Brandon has a lazy eye… Continue reading I Am Livid!

On The Agenda

For the month of December I will doing a daily inspiration post. Most of these will just be scripture, though I may add thoughts to some....I know go figure, right... The December Prayer Request will be forth coming with some praise reports! Starting with the New Year I will be doing a blogger spotlight where… Continue reading On The Agenda