Sunday Music: Britt Nicole | Through Your Eyes

This song holds a very special place in my heart…

This song still will bring back memories of the person who shared it with me a few years back…

You see it was sent to me from my love of a lifetime…

I wish I could go back and copy the message she sent me along with this song, but that would take forever…we texted and talked on the phone so much. Yeah, I’m weird…I still have all her messages…even the ones that hurt.

The gest of the message was this..

She was beginning to see herself through my eyes…

As a strong, powerful, loving, caring and beautiful woman.

Those were words I used on a daily basis since we started dating. She doubted her beauty because of past men in her life and the things they did.

She doubted herself, to a degree, because of words spoken into her life over the years by her parents and those same men.

But to me…there is none like her on the planet and those characteristics…were the reason I feel in love with her.

God I miss her. I miss being able to call her when I have a problem and I can’t stand her not being able to call me when she is hurting. Just the sound of each other’s voice made our days so much better.

She has been on my heart and in my prayers so much lately. It is the 6 year anniversary of her son, Matthew, being called home. Right now she is going through so much it’s scary and I’m hurting for her.

She is the love of my life and my best friend.

It pains me to no end that I can not be there for here in person. She knows I’m here and always will be…

That means…something…right

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