My Post Picks For January 2020

I hope you all didn’t think I forgot about this 😮

Shame on you if you did…lol. I have just been a little side tracked in my head here of late. But I could never forget to share awesome posts that I have read with you all. And as usual they are not themed but bounce around many topics.

So without further rambling from Stu here is Charity’s post entitled When The Addictions Are Worth More Than You Are

This post is so valid in regards to any addiction not just the newly discovered porn problem. I have friends who would rather stay married to their liquor than give it up and be  husband to the mother of their children.

Addiction is tough! An addict is not what one sets out to become…it just happens over time.

Take a moment and read Charity’s post. And even though it may feel they love the drug of choice more than you…they really don’t. They just are not ready to give it up.

My friend Julie over at Intimacy In Marriage gives us 3 Ways To Protect Your Marriage From Sexual Temptation.

From a child with a hole in her heart to a whole woman in Christ comes Amy’s Hole To Whole. Her poems have a way of just touching everyone who reads.

She truly has a gift. If you do not follow her you should!


When God Doesn’t Change Your Circumstances Around by Kim is so true. I’m living proof of this one. He changed me…not my circumstances…at first. As I changed they changed. My heart had to change, my mind had to change first. I could not see clearly until God started working IN me!

I just have to share this one. A praise report is tucked in here and a glorious one at that. The Season Has Changed for one family indeed! Great news Renee!!!

Maxine brings a wonderful message in her post Carry Things Well. I have friends that carry weight that other would be crushed by and I am always amazed, though I know how they do it. They just give it Jesus. I’m not saying they do no worry and stress over things. But you would never know by the smile on their face. Despite it all they have a joy and peace about it all.

Des reflects on life while gaming. It is so cool how God will give lessons in anything including hobbies. Well for some gaming is not a hobby. They call themselves gamers…not a wife, a husband, a mother, a father…just a gamer. Never understood that one…but anyway here is Des’ post entitled Lessons From Fire Emblem: Communication Is A Matter Of Life Or Death. Great insight sis!

Vickie reminds all of us that Social Status Should Not Define You. A very valid post considering that kids nowadays see themselves as a failure if they do not have one million followers on Instagram or TikTok. It’s a shame really. But who we are in Christ is what defines us!

I love this post by Debi entitled Physical Intimacy – Let No One Put Asunder! A small reminder to continually learn to love the person your spouse is turning into. We all change in every aspect of life as we age. Both parties must be intentional is chasing the other both into the bedroom and back out of the bedroom to take on the world as a team.  As a married couple you have the privilege of a physical intimacy (and it doesn’t have to be sexual) that singles do not get much less understand. Do not squander it away.

That’s all for this month. I hope you enjoy these as I did.

If you are a married couple and would like to read marriage blogs together you can check out my Marriage Resource Page. I trust each and everyone listed. I follow their posts, heck we even chat on Facebook, Twitter and in person from time to time.

Have a great February. And remember Valentine’s is not a once a year thing. If you have someone you love show them and tell them daily!!!

16 thoughts on “My Post Picks For January 2020”

  1. Stuart, I am honored. Wow, thank you so much for including me in your post picks. I am glad you enjoy my ramblings as I can never get enough of yours.

    I will check out these out!

    God bless you. ❤

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  2. Stu, thank you for taking the time to post your January 2020 post picks. It was good to check out a few of the posts you spotlighted. You are appreciated! May God richly bless you with unexpected goodness in this season of your life!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stu, you are always so generous in sharing yourself and posts that touch your heart. Thank you from the bottom of my mine for sharing my post! I am blessed to call you friend! I checked out the others by the way and gave a follow. Great posts! 👍🏼😁🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are more than welcome 😊 I’m so glad you like the other posts!!

      Now that I have started doing this monthly I don’t think I could stop. Sharing everyone’s posts that touch my heart means a lot to me. I feel that if I don’t share them I would be denying everyone of blessings. Almost like it would be a sin…if that makes sense.


  4. Oh my gosh!!! Thank you, Brother! That means so much to me, you have no idea 😭💕 thank you for being so encouraging and creating these lists ❤

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