My Post Picks For January 2020

I hope you all didn't think I forgot about this 😮 Shame on you if you I have just been a little side tracked in my head here of late. But I could never forget to share awesome posts that I have read with you all. And as usual they are not themed but… Continue reading My Post Picks For January 2020

My Post Picks For July 2019

Man, what a joyous month despite everything that is happening! The devil is not going to steal my joy! Thank you all so much for your support and prayers this month for me, Erin and her ankle, and for my friend Angie! Words can not express how appreciative I am! Let's get the party started… Continue reading My Post Picks For July 2019

July | “Celebrate The Star In You” Tag

Purple Rose has tagged me in this months tag. These are so cool. I look forward to seeing what she and Dollfaced Writer come up with each month! Thank you so much sis for tagging me 🙂 DollFace writes: The Meaning of this Tag: In the United States, July is a month about celebrating our… Continue reading July | “Celebrate The Star In You” Tag

June | Honor The Father Tag

I am so honored that Dollfaced Writer and Purple Rose continually remember me when they nominate folks for these. I love doing these because they are unique and allow me to share things I probably would not otherwise. Thank you Dollface for tagging me in what I know was a hard tag for you to… Continue reading June | Honor The Father Tag

May | Honor Thy Mother Tag

Dollfaced Writer has tagged me in this month's tag that she and her mom Purple Rose created! This month's tag is meant to honor our mom. Next month's tag will honor our dad. Here are the rules: Thank the person who nominated you to participate. Link back to this original post. Use the original featured… Continue reading May | Honor Thy Mother Tag