My Post Picks For September 2019

I must apologize up front. I haven’t read as much this month but what I have read I see a pattern. It seems as if we are all going through a season this month. I believe the Lord is up to something in our community and its a good thing. As each of us share from the heart our season…we in turn give hope to one another.

Let’s just dive right in shall we…

Julie’s post When Alcohol Rules Your Heart is just simply awesome. What a powerful story of hearing God and then obeying Him even through the withdrawals. There is so much power in this story. I could break each down and do a post on each. But I’m not…lol. I will say that I loved her comment about TRUE intimacy with her husband instead of the I need the alcohol to be more uninhibited in bed. True intimacy with one’s spouse comes from God and truly being naked and unashamed both in the bedroom and out of the bedroom takes true trust.

Happy 5 year anniversary on your sobriety sis 🎉👊 Here is your 5 year chip…

Weight ~A Poem by Kevin is well…just powerful. I almost reblogged it but chose to wait and share with everyone else’s.

Mitch’s Confession: I’m In Love With Another Woman is one of those that you just simply must go read. This is brilliant and I loved it!

Heather gives us a thoughtful reminder that It’s Sometimes Not All About Me. Her description of waiting in line at the store reminded me so much of myself.

My CR brother Martin wrote a stirring poem entitled The Unforgivable Me. It’s a poem we all can relate to at one or another in our lives.

Don’t let the title fool you…Let Jesus Do The Saving is not talking about being unequally yoked. Jordan is reminding of what God can do with our finances if we trust Him with them!

Homer, God bless you brother! His post Battle Strategy: Peace is something I needed so desperately this month as the storms of life have almost gotten the best of me.

Sarah, thank you so much for your post Why Is It So Important To Read The Bible! Such a much need reminder.

Purple Rose’s 5th nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award packs a powerful punch when she answers question #4 about smoking which leads to her thoughts on addiction. Go check it out 😊

Amy, my dear sister, thank you so much for your poem In The Sky. You brought me to tears with your heartfelt words and I know someone very dear to my heart that needs this. After the last two weeks she has had I know your words will be a comfort❤

Kathy gives us an enlightening post on how we view the term Forgive Yourself and a means to rethink it.

Renee shares a season of her life with us in Last Rites. She has been so touched by King & Country’s song Burn The Ships

Viv’s post With All Your Heart so reminded me of the ole hymn I Surrender All 😊

I hope that the Holy Spirit speaks to each of you as He did me when you read these wonderful heartfelt posts! Pray for each author as you finish reading each post!

Have a great week! And remember pray is our most powerful tool!

20 thoughts on “My Post Picks For September 2019”

  1. Wow. I love reading all these blogs about God and what He’s doing in the world, in people, through people, how He’s changing lives, changing US. He is so amazing; when I read stuff like this, I have such hope. This is ‘WAY better than the news! 😊
    Oh, I do pray that God is working an amazing work in this world, that people are falling on their (our) knees and worshiping HIM.

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  2. Staurt, thank you for including me in your post picks! 💕 Wow. I came close to skipping that question, but I kept going back to it.

    I love when you do these, I get to discover blogs I’ve never seen before. So good. Thank you for sharing. You rock! 😎

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  3. Stu, thank you for including me in this list of the month’s pics! I went and read every one of them, and I must say they were very good posts! More than good, in fact, but can’t find the words to describe how good at this point! My brain is fried! 😂 It’s been a day! And I certainly know how it feels to be behind on the posts! And as for me, 3 shares of the same song within a week can be a little scary to put it out there again. But God has a way of dealing with us that way at times…and I feel He isn’t done….to be continued….


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