From Being Unfulfilled And Hurting To Fulfilled And Joy

There are so many people who suffer from a void in their life. They don’t realize what that void is, yet they try filling it with everything but what is needed.

Allow me to share my thoughts.

Alcohol: Many take their first drink at the request of a friend or loved because they are suffering from something in their life that has left them hurting and feeling empty. So they take that drink thinking it will help….it doesn’t. Once you quit that drinking session and come out of your stupor that hole, that hurt, that problem is still there. And it is usually worse because you may have done something you regret while drinking.

There might be many who would love to debate this but there is nothing wrong with a drink. The Bible says this in Ephesians 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, in which is excess. Most don’t look at the second part of the verse. Having a drink occasionally is not a bad thing…IF you are living the second part of that verse…but be filled with the Spirit.

To me, personally, if you can not go a day with drinking some form of alcohol you are an addict.

Drugs: Same as above its just by the time you decide Oh God I’m screwed up you have probably lost your job, family, wife and kids, respect and honor.

Sex: This one of course is debatable but please remember these are my thoughts.

There are many women and men who use their bodies as a way to find love. And it can be a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual or trisexual (meaning they will try any type of sex) encounter. Doesn’t matter…they are trying desperately to fill a void in their heart. As the ole saying goes “Looking for love in all the wrong places.” And unfortunately, yes, they can become addicted to actual act of sex.

Porn: Does not matter whether it is on paper, on a phone, on a computer or a video that person is still trying to fill a void. But as with drugs it can become an addiction. And it is THE hardest one to overcome because you can actually avoid alcohol and drugs. You can’t avoid flesh…its everywhere! And advertised everywhere. And for the people who are bisexual it is even harder to overcome.

Marriage: Yes, I am going here. There are a lot of people who use marriage as a fix all in their life. Thinking if they get married that person will help them overcome the lonely, hurting and sadness in their lives. Once they realize that is not the case they divorce and head to the next one…vicious circle for some. I have some friends that have been married 5 times.

Here is the thing folks… Alcohol will NOT fill that void in your life!

Sex will NOT fill that void in your life!

Drugs will NOT fill that void in your life!

Porn will NOT fill that void in your life!

Marriage will NOT fill that void in your life!

The only thing that CAN fill that void in your life is JESUS. Ask Him into you heart today and He will fill that void and you will finally have that love and peace you have been searching for. You want freedom from the addictions you have encountered looking for love…give your heart to Jesus!

Stop looking for love in all the wrong places and look to the One who created you…GOD, who loved you so much that He sent His Son to this earth just to die for you. Jesus died a sacrificial death so you can have a relationship with God. Won’t you please accept that gift of love today?

If you claim Christ but yet feel lost in your marriage. I say this. Your trust and fulfillment should be placed in Christ, not your spouse.

Divorce happens when we, as spouses, take our eyes off of Christ and place them on our spouse.

Thanks for reading,

I wrote this four years ago and figured I would share…thoughts?

9 thoughts on “From Being Unfulfilled And Hurting To Fulfilled And Joy”

  1. 100% truth! I’ve been through most all these additions. Still have temptations with them. Addictions are more than people realize. They’re mental, physical and spiritual strongholds. Bondage even… it takes the Lord to overcome these things. But! We have to want to give them up!

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  2. Hey Stu. I have been a Christian for many years and have been divorced for 4.
    I understand and feel very close to God, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to not be lonely. I am not addicted, although I have had problems with the ‘flesh’ in the past. I battle with this, and try to serve as much as I can in my church, but that feeling doesn’t go away. I feel like I am cursed in some way, but I know this is not theologically correct. I know there is potentially more you would need to know, but I don’t see the ‘Jesus is all you need’ statement as a solution to my loneliness.

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    1. Hey Ken. Thank you for commenting. I appreciate your openness. I also deal with loneliness. God created us to be relational people. First with Him and then with others.
      I understand the loneliness brother…trust me. It can get overwhelming for me at times.
      I get that Jesus is all you need statement a LOT. And though I feel His hugs on occasion I need a physical one. Ya know? Course there is more to it than just that but shoot me an email at

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  3. You’re right Stuart, there’s nothing wrong with a drink. I don’t drink, not one my whole life; but it’s the abuse of it, or thing we do, that makes us sin. People use things to fill the void in your life. All the things you listed, or some of those things. You said it well, your love for Jesus; is the only thing that truly fulfills. We struggle in life, when we take our eyes off Christ. Well said Stuart, nice share!

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    1. Thank you Warren. I’ll still have a Corona with friends but just one..maybe two. I learned from my mistakes 🙂 Life does get out of sorts when we take our eyes off of Christ and even sometimes when they are on Him. It when our eyes are on him during that “season” that we do not fear it as bad as we do when we are not focused on Him.

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