Just A Quick Update To Stu’s World

Brandon and Erin have Covid😥

Right now everything is fine. They just don’t feel 100 and sleep a lot.

Not being able to come over is driving Brandon bat crazy!

We are still waiting on Dr visits for certainty on the treatment for Angie’s blood clot. She is on a blood thinner, which hopefully will not eat at her stomach lining too much.

I have plans of seeing her this weekend since Brandon will still be in quarantine.

Sucks though, his 13th birthday is Friday and he can’t do anything.

Prayers all around would be greatly appreciated.

22 thoughts on “Just A Quick Update To Stu’s World”

  1. Bleh. And 13th is a big one, too! 😕 You guys will have to figure a fantastic backup plan.
    My brother, his wife, their two daughters and husbands, and 5 grandkids all have covid.
    I think, eventually, having covid will be like having the flu.

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    1. I agree. Basically it is the flu just a enhanced version. Same DNA and has been around for decades. It’s just been overseas.

      I’m taking him bowling when his quarantine is over. And paying for a friend to bowl since he will be taking us😊

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