My Angel Is Fourteen

Wow, how time flies! I still remember waking up in the middle of the night because she would decide to climb out of her crib with a thump! My little miracle, who "had" the extra y chromosome and was supposed to have webbed hands and feet, who was almost miscarried came into this world perfectly… Continue reading My Angel Is Fourteen


Gymnastics Meet And A Meltdown

Oh my gosh! The kids did such an awesome job in their gymnastic meet! But before I get to that, I must share a moment in the life of Stu. A private moment between father and son, but one I feel needs to be shared...because we all have those moments where we feel like a… Continue reading Gymnastics Meet And A Meltdown

Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt: A Frozen Treat For You All

Yeah, I know it's not Monday but you will understand why I'm late in a sec... keep reading please. This is in response to Laura's, you guessed it, Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt. The word was Frozen and I immediately thought of my daughter Erin singing Let It Go from the Disney movie Frozen. She… Continue reading Manic Monday 3 Way Prompt: A Frozen Treat For You All

The Struggle Is Real

This is one of those posts I wrote a while ago. August 24th of last year to be exact. The only edit being made is the opening paragraph. Yeah, there is a curse word in here, but as the first sentence says I'm not perfect and when I am hurting those curse words do come… Continue reading The Struggle Is Real

More Weekend Goofiness With The Kids

This actually took place a few weekends ago. It just took a while to get the video from the photo booth to download. Ughhh.. Brandon so loves taking photos together, so when he found out we could get a video of the session he just hit the button 🙂 The photo session comes after taking… Continue reading More Weekend Goofiness With The Kids