Indulgement vs Integrity

Husbands, there is more to sex than the physical act! And just cuz you didn’t get any does not give you the right to act with selfish indulgements.

3 thoughts on “Indulgement vs Integrity”

    1. True. I was kind of like this guy. I’m a night owl and would, most of the time, go to bed after she did. And then get hurt that she hadn’t stayed awake. Then I would just allow that feeling to fester. Which, looking back, was just as bad as getting out of bed and looking at porn because it was causing us to drift apart. It was my problem, not hers.

      Here’s what I feel I have learned from my mistake. Because of my selfishness of not wanting to go to bed when she did caused us to loose a lot of quality time together. Forget the sex part. I had missed out on pillow talk. I had missed out on the cuddles too.
      I feel a husband and wife SHOULD go to bed at the same time for those very reasons..pillow talk and cuddling. If it leads to sex great. If not that is ok too. You are spending alone time together. Very important! Won’t make that mistake again..


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