Sunday Music: John Elefante | This Time

WARNING: This could be a very huge trigger for some of you!

I have been listening to music for hours this morning trying to find a song for today. I would go to my favorites and then just get lost in time.

John was not on my playlist this morning. He was on someone else’s playlist which had bands like Demon Hunter, Pillar, Stryper, Skillet, etc. All the songs had a theme…struggles.

This time is a powerful song about a struggle many women go through at some point in their life.

A choice.

A choice to take the life growing inside the womb or become the mother for life.

Whether people believe this or not I personally don’t give a rip…life begins at conception. Once that sperm hits the egg…boom a new life begins.

……I had a whole post written on abortion and completely cut it out….

I’ll just let the song speak for me, because I get very emotional about this topic.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Music: John Elefante | This Time”

  1. I too was pressured by so many around me to have an abortion when I found out I was pregnant at 18. My sister, my cousin, and my best friend all had abortions and pressured me as though I was saying something bad about them if I did not. Planned Parenthood told me twice that I was not pregnant and tried to force birth control on me for health care. But when the ER doctor told me I was pregnant and how to get an abortion I said, “No! I’m keeping my baby.” I was still in shock about the positive test and the uncertainty of it all, but I knew only God gives life and that I wanted to have my baby.
    Please let me assure you, and ask you to not judge my sister, cousin, and best friend. I do not. They struggle with their consequences. My sister will never have children. My heart aches for those who have made those choices. We don’t know what got them there, or how it affects their life and health. As much as I love church family, we make it unbearable for those who have had abortions, just as we once did to those who have suffered divorce, or being an unwed mother. God’s mercy and love is available for EVERYONE!
    Powerful song, Stu. Life does begin at conception, and only God can give that life.

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    1. I do not judge as I have had some of my closest friends have to make the choice. And as your sister can not have kids now because of it 😦

      Yeah, I love the church family as well, but many judge forgetting where they themselves came from.

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          1. No problem. Sadly, in many ways it did result from the relationship she was in at the time. It was very violent and abusive. My younger brother who became a deputy literally bust through the door and had to knock him off of her, and put him into the wall and the into a trashcan. Sorry about putting such a long comment down.

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            1. Ah man, that’s sad. Thank goodness for your brother! I can’t stand men that are abusive 😣

              No, thanks for sharing! Maybe there is a young woman out there wanting children that is in an abusive relationship. Now she may see the dangers before it’s too late!

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