My Post Picks For January 2019

This has been another rough month for me for various reasons. But I did read more posts this time πŸ™‚ I needed to read. I was trying to get inspiration because deep down I’m not feeling it.

I found it and so much more reading all your posts. So thank you all for inspiring me in various ways.

So without anything further from me here are my post picks for January…

Amy said that Jesus Said something vital in our journey of forgiveness!

Kelly brings us such a wonderful post on a topic that is shunned, almost, within Christian circles. A topic this need to be discussed! Check out her post Saved From Suicide.

Adam, a blogger I just started following, gives us some good pointers on being still during our Quiet Devotion time.

Ruth gives a very vivid example of being Safe In Him via a dream she had.

J from Hot, Holy & Humorous raises a good question with valid points in her post Should You Have Sex Or Make Love

Kristian’s Tell The Story Challenge is just too cool not to share πŸ™‚ And then she does this…The Overlook Inn

Lisa gives some good advice in her post How Long Is Enough When It Comes To Grief. As one who is still walking a journey with my best friend, my love of a lifetime, I will say that even forever is not enough.

Christopher brings us a beautiful post on the pruning process God gives in It’s A Sign Of Love

An Alcoholic’s Angel by my bud Kip reminded me of the reason I quit drinking…my angel Erin.

Visiting Warren is always a blessing. Silent River is one post I didn’t leave a comment on. Simply for the fact that beautiful just didn’t do justice to this piece at all.

Allow me to finish this month off with my dear sister Purple Rose for several reasons…

One is in the fact that I recently asked her why she goes by Purple Rose now instead of her real name. Her response became a post.

And she has a story to tell and she is Boldly doing just that. As we all know sharing our story brings healing for us and it may help someone who is dealing with something similar. That is my prayer for my dear sister….

That she heals. That she find forgiveness and peace.
Purple Rose’s Mr. Godfather Series:

Mr. Godfather: Part One

Mr. Godfather: Part Two

Mr. Godfather: Part Three

Mr. Godfather: Part Four

Mr. Godfather: Part Five

These are beginnings of a journey. Please give her encouragement!

God bless you all!


27 thoughts on “My Post Picks For January 2019”

    1. Seriously, Brother Stuart, thank you for being so kind. Mom has hardly ever received support for what has been done to her and what she has to say in her life (she’s nice enough to not say that, but I’ll say it for her sake). It’s amazing what kind words can do to someone who has faced so much abuse and heartache. ❀

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      1. That’s Destiny’s fault! She came over today, proof read it (I’ve learned to ask her to proof read everything πŸ˜‚) and she told me to hit PUBLISH.

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    1. You are very welcome Adam. I really enjoyed the one on relapse too πŸ™‚

      And yes we do learn from one another regardless of our story πŸ™‚

      May God bless you and your ministry immensely in 2019


  1. Thank-you so much Stuart! I feel so humbled. I never imagined when I wrote that post, that so many people would be encouraged. It was always my hope and prayer that just one person would be uplifted. God pulled me out of the depths and He deserves all glory. I am so glad I stumbled across your blog my brother. God Bless!

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    1. You are very welcome Kelly. I tried as a teen a week before my best friend tried. God intervened and we both became counselors at a church camp for fifteen because of it.

      You deserve an award or something for your post on nakedness! That was awesome! I am blessed to have run across yours sis! God bless you as well!

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      1. What Satan meant for evil, God used for good! My prayer is that awareness of suicide will shed more light on it, in turn helping save someone.
        Thank-you my friend, God took hold of the pen on that one πŸ™‚

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