Stu’s World XX

Have you ever just had one of those weeks were going to work just left you unsure as to why God placed you there? That was this week for me.

Nothing really bad happened per se. No bumps on the head, no cuts and only a few splinters had to be removed. It was just blah…

We had the bad news about Charles’ cancer.

But one the flip side I have heard Big D listening to gospel while he is pulling orders. Talking about church and God to everyone. That’s a big change 😊 from when Rico and I started our “pestering” Big D to go back to church!

It’s fun sitting around answering D’s questions in front of everyone else. Especially with two who say they don’t believe in God always coming around to listen. It makes one feel good and then the real world comes through the gate…

With their stupid notions of ordering 20ft lumber and coming to pick it up in a truck with no trailer.

Or putting over 200 studs on top of their van. Or trying to put rebar in the bed of their truck knowing dang well it’s going to drag the ground.

Oh well…I guess we all go through the blah weeks and goofy customers.

Most of my week was spent trying to figure out a way to get to Brandon’s Black Belt testing Saturday and praying for Angie. Two very stressful things.

I did manage to find a ride to Brandon’s testing at like nine o’clock Friday night. A friend is allowing me to borrow her car for the day 😊

Stretching before testing
Breaking his boards

Brandon in his second round of sparring.

He did totally awesome! I do believe that he passed. We will find out later this week.

After testing we went to Spartan, which is a inside park, where there are trampolines, a golf range, zip line, obstacle course and an arcade with virtual reality games.

Virtual Reality racing game.

Then we went to eat at Piccadilly. His choice 😊 I haven’t eaten there in decades. It’s still like I remembered ❤. It is way more expensive than I remember though 😀

I did get an awesome email from one of the young men that reached out to me a few months ago for accountability. He has been free from porn for six months. He says he has no desire to watch anymore. He even sent me a picture of him and his new girlfriend. Such a beautiful couple! I can’t share the photo as he is a fellow blogger and I want to ensure his confidentiality.

I so love getting news like that!!!🙏

Dang, I just got the news from Jenn. Her uncle on her mom’s side died today. Please say a prayer for their family especially Brandon. He has a hard time with death right now.

Please be in prayer for one another this week. Be blessed!

11 thoughts on “Stu’s World XX”

  1. Congrats to Brandon! I think I would have broken something, especially on that stretch! Wow! He is amazing! And I can imagine the stuff you see at work. That is really crazy how people come to pick up lumber and drag the highway! 🤦‍♀️ 😜…Prayers for all!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Right, that stretch hurts me just looking at it. I haven’t been able to do that since high school 😂

      I have seen some weird stuff for sure! Some things I just have to close my lips, lock them and throw the key away 😂😂


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