Stu’s World XXVII

Another fun filled week of weather not being able to make up it's mind what the heck it wants to do. Freezing to death one day in the 30's. Next day is feeling nice and toasty in the 70's. Then it rains all day and drops back down to 30's. I sure did enjoy those… Continue reading Stu’s World XXVII

Stu’s World XXIII

I missed work Monday due to my co-workers truck not starting. So I text my boss and let them know what's going on. I tried finding another means to work but that did not pan out. So around three p.m. I text my co-worker and ask about his truck. No answer. So I made arrangements… Continue reading Stu’s World XXIII

Stu’s World XXI

Here's to another roller coaster ride... How do you explain to your soon to be 12 year old son that it is not his fault he didn't have a relationship with his great uncle and there is no need to be in tears about it? I get the call Wednesday. Brandon is at the funeral.… Continue reading Stu’s World XXI

Stu’s World XX

Have you ever just had one of those weeks were going to work just left you unsure as to why God placed you there? That was this week for me. Nothing really bad happened per se. No bumps on the head, no cuts and only a few splinters had to be removed. It was just… Continue reading Stu’s World XX

Stu’s World XII

I'm just not feeling it right now! I don't know why. But it's just not there. Maybe I'm just too tired. Could be depression. It's not like I don't have a gazillion things I want to share with you all. They are just not coming together. I have like 27 drafts and all on different… Continue reading Stu’s World XII