Small Town America Tour

The Small Town America Tour came to Rayville, Louisiana Sunday night and left an impression on many young people’s lives. The show consisted on Ilia, Nine Lashes and Seventh Day Slumber. I, technically, should be a little upset at a few friends of mine who live in Little Rock, Arkansas for not letting me know about Ilia. They were a great start to an awesome concert. Their Cd Reborn is awesome with Christ centered lyrics. My daughter, Erin, immediately fell in love with Ilia as they have a female lead singer and a female drummer. Jessica, the drummer, was a sweetheart letting Erin take a picture with her.

Nine Lashes hit the stage after Ilia and totally rocked it with their songs from From Water To War. Noah tore the drums up I tell ya. Jeremy did an awesome job on vocals. Not many bands sound as good live as they do on CD yet Nine Lashes least to me.

Seventh Day Slumber was the headliner for the show, in support of their new album We Are The Broken, with songs spanning their many great Cd’s. What an amazing experience this was. They along with Kutless were the first bands I listened to when I first rededicated my life to the Lord. Joseph, the lead singer has such a passion for not only the children of God and their walk but for the lost as well. All three bands have that passion but we heard it more from Joseph as they were the closing act and had more time. Joseph shared a little of his testimony from being a cocaine addict and having suicidal thoughts to accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior to singing in the presence of the Creator of all. Saying how in awe he is to do this as an unworthy person. I had heard some of his testimony before but having it shared in front of me was a different experience all together. When I said many young people lives were impacted earlier I meant it. I would venture to say that half of the crowd either rededicated their lives or gave their hearts to God this night.

Ilia and Nine Lashes had the same passion when they spoke between songs as well. It is easy to see how this tour has been so successful. Maybe not in the number of attendants, as it is a small town tour, but a success for the kingdom of God and his children It is a very welcomed change from a lot of “Christian” bands out there today. I understand the business side of it and all but regardless it is a ministry. We are all called to share the Gospel of Christ.

Joseph gave some love to the fans with several fist bumps throughout their time on stage. Both Erin and Brandon got one. Erin was standing by the stage and Joseph just reached down to her and fist bumped her. Brandon was easier as he was on my shoulders taking pictures with my phone. I just leaned into the crowd a little and Joseph was able to reach him. He was so excited he almost jumped off my shoulders.

After the show we went to get autographs. Ilia was nice enough to take a photo with Brandon and Erin. Joseph and his son Blaise, the new drummer for the band, made Brandon’s night by taking a photo with him. It was easy to see how much they appreciate their fans as I heard just that several times from others.

It was also great to talk to Joseph about the upcoming tour….next up Decyfer Down, Nine Lashes, Seventh Day Slumber and Disciple. That will be a show to remember!!

Below, I have included a video from the bands. If you like what you hear stop by and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Ilia: God Disguised

Nine Lashes: Surrender

Seventh Day Slumber: We Are The Broken

Here are some of the photos the kids and I took.


As you can see. We had a blast 😊

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