Strong Father Strong Daughters: A Collaborative Effort

*This was originally shared February of 2018*

I enjoyed writing the post that is included in this collaboration. I hope you do as well.

Hey guys. Today I have the privilege and honor of joining several other men as a collaborative group for Active Manhood on the topic of Strong Fathers Strong Daughters. Among the other men writing for this post are Prescott, Brad, Tim, and Scott. Each of us give a brief description on what we, as dads, feel is required to raise our daughters to be strong young women. It is all of our prayers that our words help you in raising you daughter to be the woman God created her to be.



As most of you know I have a daughter. She is an amazing young woman and my prayer has always been that I lead her properly into womanhood.

Dads we must be intentional with our walk with God…for someone is watching. And that someone is our daughter looking to learn what a man truly is. Be that man of God and lead. Please do not let her learn what men are by looking to the world because you neglected your duty as father!

Now, go check out some of the other men’s advice on how being a strong father can give our daughters the strength they need to traverse life.

God Bless,


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