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I am sharing this because people need to be more informed about prostitution, sex trafficking and porn. Not many realize how much pornography influences sex trafficking, much less the impact it has on these women who are forced to watch porn to know what is in store for them. They are brainwashed to believe that this is normal and accepted behavior. THAT, DEARS FRIENDS, IS A LIE STRAIGHT FROM HELL!!!!

I’m not blaming porn for prostitution, because prostitutes have been around since the Old Testament times. But it has made it worse. That I do know.

There is a link in Penfila’s post that I caution you about. I went to it and it just sickened me the reaction from the john’s.

Help Break The Silence

I had an earlier post which was a brief talk about Prostitution. If you had not checked it out, I recommend you do so. Click here.

The type which I am about to talk about here is the Sex Trafficking one. Prostitution is the business or practice of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for payment. Let me explain something new to you. This word is Latin-derived. The composition is ~> “Up Front/Forward” and “To Offer Up For Sale.” Prostitutes are not only female but male as well.


  1. Brothels:
    An area fully committed to prostitution. It is run by a Pimp or a Madam. All activities take place at one premise.
  2. Street:
    Prostitutes wear seductive clothes in spite of the weather and allure clients from the roadside or traffic. They service the customer in cars, motels or hotels.
  3. Escort:
    The act takes place at the customer’s residence, a hotel room, or any…

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10 thoughts on “Prostitution | Explained”

  1. Thank you for posting about this. People do not realise the extent of prostitution and sex traffiking. In the Far East it is common to find babies in Brothels, I was grossed out to see a programme on Thailand where babies were placed in brothels. There is much sickness on the Earth. Another country I visited the Philipines for a holiday, the flight was full of weird men. I felt really uncomfortable. Then on arriving to stay there you openly see men with a young girl on each arm. Ummm sickening and nothing was done by the govt to stop it. The fate of these poor girls was well known. Everywhere you went there were men taking poor girls or boys out for dinner. I could not eat out and could not wait to return home. It was an experience. The family I went to visit could not let their children out alone it was too dangerous. Pray for the Earth to be cleansed. It is big business in every country.

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  2. I learned of this when I was a young girl. I was almost picked up 3 times through my life but the Holy Spirit told me to get away from them. There is such a variety of human trafficking. Sex, Labor, Drug. It’s modern day slavery and what people don’t understand it happens more in the U.S than any where. That is because how they do it here. We live in a Nation of Delusion and that creates a huge ignorance in our children and young people but also creates a opportunity for evil to be so acceptable. Some young teens are leaders (coyotes) of Human Trafficking which makes it harder for them to be found because most people are looking for older males to be the main coyote. My brothers were kidnapped twice not realizing their own free will was being used against them. They were promised all expense paid travel work and good pay only to find people doing drugs and horrible acts staying in run down motels. Any money they made getting taken. Thank the Lord my first brother got out of there and never went back. But my second brother ended up going back with a different set of them getting beaten and dropped off in the middle of Texas. It’s horrible and many people here do not like to talk about it or acknowledge it’s happening.

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    1. Oh man, I’m sorry your brothers had to go through that. I agree it’s not the old men anymore. And what’s even worse are the sex trafficked kids are getting younger and younger.

      Most ignore it hoping it will go away or that it doesn’t happen it “their” state. But it happens everywhere

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      1. your exactly right! I am with you on us keep talking about it . I will not stand by and be silent. Just talking out about it can change so many lives. Do you know the organization A1? It;s by Christine Caine a ministry to abolish Human trafficking.

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